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  1. Tomper

    Website localisation, should I translate just home page or create new post?

    Thank you with the ChatGPT generated answer
  2. Tomper

    Website localisation, should I translate just home page or create new post?

    I'm translating my website for localisation. Should I just translate my home page like this or create new page with the keyword in the URL: Which is better for SEO? Or there is no difference?
  3. Tomper

    Affiliate link juice

    My store has a affiliate program that people can join. I checked my affiliates and saw that some hide the affiliate link (url shortener or javascript etc) on their website. Some of them have a big site with good SEO stats, so I wish they wouldn't hide an affiliate on their website so I can get...
  4. Tomper

    Niche edits and guest post from large sites and without internal backlinks are quite useless

    I have bought lots of niche edits links from reputatable sellers from BHW. I have manually checked that all the sites are spam free, has traffic and if it is increasing, what are the ranking keywords and so on. I didn't get any results from these niche change links and so I notice is that none...
  5. Tomper

    Microsoft Ads domain verification. Has anyone done it?

    I'm having problems with Microsoft Ads account verification. I have sent all sorts of documents but non are suitable. Has someone faced same problem?
  6. Tomper

    How to negotiate Sedo Buy Now price?

    It is possible to negotiate Sedo Buy Now price? There are now option to make Bids or contact the owner.
  7. Tomper

    Niche Edits juice difference with traffic and without traffic?

    How big is the juice difference from niche edit link without traffic vs with traffic and I mean post traffic not domain traffic (based on Ahrefs)?
  8. Tomper

    Should I change foreign articles to "" ?

    My website is mainly in English and there are about 30 articles in different languages. Is it good idea to change the url so that the language letters are in the URL? For example Brazilian articles are like "" etc?
  9. Tomper

    Wikipedia, Editorials, Outreach & More⭐

    Pls send the premium site list and costs
  10. Tomper

    Will Stripe ban all my accounts if one account is in gray hat business?

    Thank you. Exactly that I wanted to know.
  11. Tomper

    Will Stripe ban all my accounts if one account is in gray hat business?

    Right now I have two different businesses using Stripe payment gateway (both white hat businesses). Now I would like to third account to Stripe which is white/gray hat. So if Stripe bans this account after review then will all three account will be banned? That doesn't sound logical, but I ask...
  12. Tomper

    Paypal withdrawal (money disappeared)

    Same thing happened to me when I withdrew funds in December. I contacted both PP and Card Processor. They didn’t give any info for 3 weeks and 4 days ago I got my payments. Maybe you just need to wait.
  13. Tomper

    How to explain this on Search Console - Performance decreases and Coverage stays the same?

    There aren’t any. It seems to be that “4 results” penalty
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