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  1. notNewB

    Revive a dead site or make a new one?

    Depends on the cause of death. If it died of old age, then it's better to revive. But if it died of a penalty or of a negative SEO done by competitors, then it's better to create a new one from scratch.
  2. notNewB

    Could bitcoin become extinct?

    yes, it will. But not in our lifetime.
  3. notNewB

    What new things are you going to try in 2024 for website seo?

    I still believe in mass publishing ai generated articles. I have a few niches that I have been studying for many months. I hope I'll master Python well enough to be able to mass produce and mass publish gpt-4 generated articles in q2-q3 of this year.
  4. notNewB

    I have not been this excited since ...

    I hope you will always have such exciting Fridays
  5. notNewB

    Did You Marry Your First Love? :)

    @UnusualSubstance hasn't even seen this thread, but has already been cooked thrice
  6. notNewB

    I just bought this sandwich for lunch

    where is the sausage? looks juicy though ngl
  7. notNewB

    Somebody copied my homepage. What kind of scam is this?

    do you have your own affiliate program? maybe they added their affiliate tag in the links that go to your pages? I remember someone did something similar with my e-commerce site
  8. notNewB

    Can you help me recreate this? Tool link: Settings I used: Prompt I used: a photorealistic image of special force soldiers standing in the middle of a ruined town in flame with dusty...
  9. notNewB

    Looking for a full-stack developer to build a web application (moderate complexity level)

    Hi. I'm looking for someone who can build a saas. It's fairly a small and not that complex thing. I'll PM more details to people interested. Payment will be discussed in PM as well. Cheers.
  10. notNewB

    Here is how much I earned in my first month of working for a big publication

    aren't they looking for a new keyword research guy? just sayin'...
  11. notNewB

    Site not being indexed - £10,000 domain!

    I wouldn't say so. It's been more than a month, definitely more than 3 articles should have been indexed. Something must be off. Is your domain worth $10k pounds because it is expired with a crazy backlink profile or it is worth that money because it is short and branded? If it is the latter...
  12. notNewB

    How much would you charge?

    it widely differs based on your niche and what part of your homepage they want their ad to be displayed. it could be as low as $100 or as high as $10k per month
  13. notNewB

    Adsense Getting Ready Passed 2 weeks

    They are of decent quality. One wouldn't even tell they were AI-generated. The website design also looks very clean, far better than those regular niche blogs you see out there. I guess my domain was the weakest link. It was a brand new domain I registered 6 months before publishing the ai...
  14. notNewB

    2.5M Traffic in less than 2 months - How'd he do it?

    he also likely achieved it by being able to solve captchas. the question is can you solve a captcha?
  15. notNewB

    Adsense Getting Ready Passed 2 weeks

    It is a waste of time if you're doing it on a brand new domain or if you are doing it manually. I think AI content makes sense if you're doing it programmatically in bulk, like 20-30 articles a day by automating everything from kw research to publishing. This way you won't feel that bad if it...
  16. notNewB

    Adsense Getting Ready Passed 2 weeks

    GeneratePress Premium that I downloaded here from some generous man's giveaway thread. And yes, the articles were AI written. GPT-4 + Zimmwriter combo for writing and 10-15 mins of manual formatting. I can show you the blog if you're interested, just send me a DM. It was hit by the November...
  17. notNewB

    Adsense Getting Ready Passed 2 weeks

    I waited around 1 month for my last website and eventually they didn't approve it. By the time I applied for the first time, I had around 50 blog posts published. During this month, I published around 100 new blog posts. When I received the rejection, I simply reapplied and they approved it in...
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