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    AutoStumble V3 dead?

    It works fine again. I guess Mark has adjusted the server (through wich the software works) to the new StumbleUpon system. However, StumbleUpon of course noticed everyone who was sending requests in the old format after the change and hence knew who was using AutoStumble and banned us...
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    AutoStumble V3 dead?

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    Auto Stumble

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    Auto Stumble

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    Auto Stumble

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    Are you a member of BHW living in a Restricted PaayPaal Country ??

    Take care with 2CO they are (luckily!) VERY good at monitoring whats going on with their merchants and if the simpliest "smell" comes up that you might violate their TOS they will terminate your account. All in all this is the reason they have survived so long compared to many other companies...
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    BEWARE of Trackback Submitter / Adsenseboy! Software not working and no refund!

    Both of his payment processors have replied to me today: 2CO.COM: "Hello, While we are unable to provide specifics relating to our interactions with our vendors, I can advise there are no 2Checkout account associated with either of the websites in question. While a third website related to the...
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