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  1. Rusha Mastri

    Vpn + bot

    Tunnelbear VPN is free and pretty easy to use.
  2. Rusha Mastri

    Zero motivation

    Well first things first, your way of living plays a big role. 1 Get into the habit of waking up early in the mornings to give your life some structure 2 Eat a low carb breakfast (high in healthy fats) to give you energy throughout the day Go out and meet people. It's all these things that...
  3. Rusha Mastri

    What software or apps do you use? (productivity, management, whatever)

    I'm gonna have to agree with uncutu....abstractspoon is definitely a neat software
  4. Rusha Mastri

    what's your favorite genre of music?

    When I just want to relax and listen to music I like hip hop. But to dance it would be trance and house music for sure.
  5. Rusha Mastri

    Which is best mobile phone for medium budget?

    Honestly, you should just go with a good phone and get a payment plan. You can pay as low as $25 dollars a month to get an amazing phone at T-mobile with unlimited data. That's dirt cheap. I would go with a Samsung S8+, a google phone and lastly the Iphone.
  6. Rusha Mastri

    My Younger Brother Lives in a Northern State and Sent Me This Pic

    Let me tell you, I grew up in Germany and it always rains in Germany. I have lives in cold places and I have lives in warm places. Warm places are much better, and the people seem to be more friendly too when the weather is good. It just warms you up in a way you know?!
  7. Rusha Mastri

    How to rank a website in three months

    You need a lot of traffic on your website and the best way to do that is to create blogs and things like that which are linked to your website. People need to come to your website by the masses. The most important thing is to have a quality website of course, you can't be cheap when it comes to...
  8. Rusha Mastri

    What if the whole earth had free strong wifi connection?

    Ok but why is it really bad for you when you have your phone under your pillow close to your head... I know that's not wifi but those are also signals that we have around the world so we can communicate with each other....right?
  9. Rusha Mastri

    How much of your currency worh $1?

    5 Cardanos = 1 dollar
  10. Rusha Mastri

    How Can i Gain Weight within 30 Days?

    Gaining wait is easy. Easier for some people than for others. you have to be eating a lot. Maybe smoke a little medicinal to get the munchies going and dont forget not to exercise.
  11. Rusha Mastri

    What if the whole earth had free strong wifi connection?

    However, it would totally be worth it. I just wanted to add to my last comment.
  12. Rusha Mastri

    What if the whole earth had free strong wifi connection?

    Everyone would probably get cancer and brain tumors. We are the first generation to live with all these wifi signals around us... I wonder if cancer will increase in a few generations.
  13. Rusha Mastri

    Hello bhw rockers

    What experience do you have in the SEO field? You can message me if you want and to see if we can share our knowledge.
  14. Rusha Mastri

    Get Real, Active, Engaging, Geo-Targeted, Niche Specific Instagram Followers

    Can I have a review copy? It would make my week...
  15. Rusha Mastri

    Why eating healthy food is so expensive....

    I dont know....why cant Pizza and junk food be healthy food instead of broccoli and carrots?
  16. Rusha Mastri

    My Instagram NEWBIE journey (5k$ per month)

    Wow, good work my friend. Keep it up and soon you are going to be a pro. Is it easy to grow these Instagram accounts?
  17. Rusha Mastri

    Who's this guy?

    How many times does he say
  18. Rusha Mastri

    I agree, Stephen Hawking is Great

    Mr. Hawkins is a true inspiration. I look at all the obstacles life threw at him and he never gave up. Not only did he not give up but he also lives up to his full potential. If everyone was like him this planet would be on another level...
  19. Rusha Mastri

    SpaceX and Tesla FB Pages Removed

    You can get of of Facebook but dont forget, Facebook owns Instagram and all of you all are on one or the other so Mark Zuckerberg wins!
  20. Rusha Mastri

    FB Ads Beginning of the End?

    It definitely doesn't help facebook.
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