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  1. MountainGuy

    Thulf's Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Journey

    Check out @SeoPublicist if you want a site made for you. He does great work for the price imo.
  2. MountainGuy

    [Journey] Blogging based on Income School (Project 24) Philosophy

    .... are those all on your blog? like you have almost 6 million words now??? Or that includes ... what? everything you have typed on your keyboard? Nuts an impressive either way Thanks
  3. MountainGuy

    Girlfriend Depressed - Amazon and Adsense first journey

    1 dollar /day from adsense already is great. Keep it up and that will start shooting up like a rocketship :) You mentioned needing to update security? if its wordpress just install wordfence and make sure all of your plugins are up to date and you should be ok. ... Well we should all have 2...
  4. MountainGuy

    No contact form on, any alternative site to contact local businesses?

    for this I think you will need to scrape some of the common things found on contact forms and find them that way. There is not really what your looking for .... well I mean some companies will do this. Where they manage reviews for you and have a contact us form they setup ... but I am not...
  5. MountainGuy

    BlackBDO's Top-Notch Quality PBN Network v3.1 - Results speak for themselves

    Just a heads up @BlackBDO has not been on BHW since Oct.2
  6. MountainGuy

    How come KD on Ahrefs is way off?

    .. ahrefs is the very best seo tool with the worst KD score :) You can find examples on all of the tools where they show a very low score for something that would actually be very hard to rank
  7. MountainGuy

    How can a white Hat website rank nowdays?

    Build yourself some branded white hat backliniks. youtube account with links back to your main website in the comments. Make a branded page for you site. etc, etc, etc, Build links with the main purpose of getting word about your business out to others ... its only blackhat...
  8. MountainGuy

    No contact form on, any alternative site to contact local businesses?

    ... you are wanting a contact form like you would find on a website to send a note to them directly? There arent really any directories like that in the US that I can think of. ... at least not popular ones ... Why would you want to do that? Most of the sites will have contact info on...
  9. MountainGuy

    No contact form on, any alternative site to contact local businesses?

    hmm.. not sure what you mean by having a contact form but if I am doing manual outreach I like to use the BBB's website to find clients to reach out too.
  10. MountainGuy

    Google My Business Website

    Yes you want this for sure !!! ... most of the people that search in their map will receive results from gmb listings. If you are spending any time at all on your website for a local service take the 20 mins it takes to set up a gmb!
  11. MountainGuy

    Organic traffic dropped - Has my site been hit with a penalty?

    I have heard it akets a few weeks sometimes. like everything with google there seems to be huge variations
  12. MountainGuy

    Organic traffic dropped - Has my site been hit with a penalty?

    Sometimes it takes a while for something to show in google search console.. sure looks like you got hit with something
  13. MountainGuy

    Do you do some good?

    When times are good I make donations to my local churches. When times are bad I beg them for help ... well I did once .. it sucked ... may pick a different route to donate to next time haha Also I recently found team tress from a plant trees subreddit.. has inspired me to move some seedlings...
  14. MountainGuy

    Best SEO plugins

    I have read a few threads here where rank math was preferred. I tried it a long time ago and switched right back to yoast but im with veil on yoast getting more complicated. I need to figure out if im actually using yoast for anything at this point. Might be time to shop around again.
  15. MountainGuy

    Sape Links : Do They Work in 2019

    Its the hire a freelancer section here where you can put out a call to action to hire someone outside of the marketplace and to the OP .. Yes sape links work but so do most other types of links. Sape links are hacked websites so if you are using them often you will likely have to deal with a...
  16. MountainGuy

    How does google looks at "Directory Websites" in 2019?

    I think you will do great as long as you leave a short description on each one. Maybe order them in most usefull to least ... then when you get big people will pay to be at the top of the list :anyway:
  17. MountainGuy

    Got 3 free office PCs. What can you do with it?

    Haha, Over a decade or so I have never seen you with a picture of a puppy for you avatar :) GSA is a suite of software that you can use for a ton of automated task Edit: I see b2b beats me to a relevant link and its from the forum so editing mine out
  18. MountainGuy

    SEO Question- New Domain Ranking

    It depends on the niche but .... no .. you wont have to get to that number of links if your on site seo is better and your content is more related than theirs. Its hard to give clarity without more information. Generally, when you are going up against established players you want to create...
  19. MountainGuy

    my account is banned

    Have you reached out to Chaturbate and asked them yet? Nobody here will be able to tell you without more details. Are you sure you never violated the rules? did you read the rules? No judgment here but most people don't read the rules to know if they violated them.
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