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    Please Vote to Help Me Rescue and Rehome Battery Hens

    Oops it posted twice, so I have just deleted this one.
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    Please Vote to Help Me Rescue and Rehome Battery Hens

    Thanks for the tip. I will definitely be spending a lot of time on Facebook today, as I have a lot of catching up to do with votes. We are rescuing some more hens today, so I'm hoping once I post up some pictures on our Facebook page that will encourage people to vote. Last month we would have...
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    Please Vote to Help Me Rescue and Rehome Battery Hens

    Has anyone got any other ideas of how I could drum up votes? I am lagging quite a way behind in 3rd place. Thinking of printing up some flyers/posters and handing them out around local shopping centres. Most of my votes so far have come from Facebook. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks.
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    Please Vote to Help Me Rescue and Rehome Battery Hens

    I think they just want email confirmation so that people don't keep entering made up email addresses. Pretty standard I think. This is a well known promotion in Australia. Thanks anyway.
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    Please Vote to Help Me Rescue and Rehome Battery Hens

    The least you can do for that terrible joke is to go and vote for me ;) The life of a caged hen is pure hell... Unless we step in and rescue them that is. And if we get enough votes we will be able to rescue a lot more hens. The url is...
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    Please Vote to Help Me Rescue and Rehome Battery Hens

    Hello Blackhatters, I dabble in Internet marketing and love this community, but I am a full time animal rescuer here in Australia. A lovely lady has just nominated me for a grant to help me rescue more battery hens and rehome them into loving, forever homes. We are currently in 3rd place...
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    Godaddy CEO kills an elephant - for reals.

    Wow thanks for sharing this. I hadn't heard about it until now. Just transferred all 24 of my domain names to namecheap. They have extended their promotion to transfer from Godaddy.
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    xRumer Service: Get Niche Targeted Forum Backlinks :: (A Must See!) ::

    I ordered the 2000 blast from agentk007 and the service was excellent. The job was completed quickly. I am looking forward to using this service again in the future.
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    cat stew.....ew...

    It is in Italy. I agree that it is disgusting, but it also kind of hypocritical that most of the people who think this is wrong, think nothing of eating pigs, cows, chickens, lambs etc, who feel pain and want to survive just like a cat would. Farm animals deserve some compassion too. The...
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    EZ Empire Builder??

    Support emailed me with lots of info on finding databases, including the name and email of a guy who can create them for me (I won't be able to afford that right now). He also recommended using imacros to scrape databases and gave me the name of a site: where you can get...
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    How can i track my serp:( please give me these 2 seconds for help:(

    Yup, Market Samurai will do the trick.
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    EZ Empire Builder??

    I have emailed support, so I am sure I will hear back soon with some recommended places to get quality databases. There is a forum, but it is not active. That is probably because the product is so new. So far I have just paid for the plugin (used BHWORLD discount code) and the database...
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    EZ Empire Builder??

    I know it hasn't been long since I bought it, but so far I am really struggling with this plugin. I have watched all the tutorial videos and am now practicing creating the sites. However the database I wanted to use in the starter pack (optional paid add on) is full of errors and since I am a...
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    EZ Empire Builder??

    Ok, well I am a bit too impatient to wait for reviews. I have jumped in and bought the plugin. Just downloaded it (along with the starter package of databases to play around with). I will let you know how it goes.
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    EZ Empire Builder??

    So has anyone apart from Diamond Dave had a chance to test out this product yet? There doesn't seem to be much feedback yet. I am thinking about just diving in and giving it a try. Just wondering whether it really is worth the money?
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    ScrapeBox the ULTIMATE SERP Scraper & Auto Blog Commenter with PRStorm Mode

    A forum would be a ton of extra work for Sweetfunny. I got all the info I needed to get started from the videos. Then today I read through all 43 pages and got some extra tips. If you have a technical problem just submit a ticket. Plus remember you can search the thread for your topic. If you...
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    ScrapeBox the ULTIMATE SERP Scraper & Auto Blog Commenter with PRStorm Mode

    I just bought this software and it has been activated in only a few minutes! I am now going through all the videos. It looks amazing. I wasn't expecting so much info in the videos. The vids make something that seemed quite complicated, so much simpler. I can't wait to start blasting links...
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    Brute Force SEO EVO2 is out.

    I have been using EVOII for about 2 months now. I use SENuke as well, but EVOII is nice to have running in the background whilst I work on fresh content for my sites. I am amazed to read all these negative reviews, because the software has helped my sites rise dramatically in the SERPs. One of...
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    A journal that i dont plan to quit!!

    Which of your methods brought in that $150? Glad to see you making money.
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    $0.6/100words - 100% Unique Content!!

    I just received my 9 articles and they are really good. I must admit I was surprised for the price. I have paid much more for articles this good in the past. I will be reordering.
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