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    Monetizing a Small Gaming Niche Site

    $1 is ok, but I mean is that honestly the best a site should do with 300+ visitors a day? I would create a product but there are plenty of game guides out there for the game already + the game is becoming slowly less popular + no experience in the area + very few conversions on the Clickbank...
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    Monetizing a Small Gaming Niche Site

    Hi I currently own a small gaming sites that offers articles about a specific FPS shooter. I receive about 300 daily visitors a day. However, I'm having serious problems monetizing the traffic. Originally this site was designed to be a niche adsense site. It is ranked in the first position in...
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    The Ultimate Amazon Thread Mark 2 - Q/A - Good/Bad

    Hi, I currently have two Amazon sites semi set up. I am interested in building these two small sites into profitable authority sites, however alot of my IM ventures in the past have not had the level of success I expected or hoped for. I like the idea of high quality Amazon sites...
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    Noob? Don't know something? Write here! We will help You

    Hi, have a few questions. What is the best way to monetize a niche gaming site? I have a site that receives 200+ views a day. I tried Adsense since I rank number 1 for a search term that averages $3.00 cpc and 1000+ searches a month with the CTR theme, but earned little to nothing. I also tried...
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    Noob? Don't know something? Write here! We will help You

    Hey, I have a site that is first rank in google for a keyword that gets 1900 exact searches a week with a $3 cpc, 5,400 searches globally. I normally get around 5 k visitors a week, but only get like 16 clicks with a cpc of like $.30 with using the ctr theme. These are obviously are not the...
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    Noob? Don't know something? Write here! We will help You

    Do links work successfully if you are shortening url links from clickbank? I know I have clicks but I'm not sure if it is tracking my affiliate link so I can make sales. Also, any ideas for what I should spend $500 on IM? Thanks
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    [Journey] 18 Year Old – Semi Passive Income Journal

    Hello, Like so many other people, I've making a journal of my IM goals, journey, and hopefully successes. I'm making this journal so I can help other people with IM as well as learn myself. I am 18 years old and have been in the IM business for a couple years. I've tried a wide variety of IM...
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    The Complete Guide to Starting a Website [2016 updated]

    Great guide, I'll be sure to recommend this to friends!
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    Why are my Fiverr gigs not bringing in money?

    There are alot of writing giggs on Fiverr.
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    My thoughts about Fiverr after 2years joined as seller

    I use fiverr and I try to make sure to do reviews and do marketing.
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    Basic SEO practices for newbies:

    Wow, great outline of the basic principles of SEO, I wish I had this when I was new!
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    Clearing up some things about PR and SERP ranking.

    Wow, good explanation of PR vs Serps. I always interested in the correation between the two.
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    Amazon Success - $300 Day Yesterday

    Wow, I use Squidoo with Amazon Associates and make about $100, but I think I'll try your idea.
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    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    Wow, interesting idea, I'll be sure to check it out.
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    My Journey into Fiverr Reselling ( Also investing )

    Wow sounds like an interesting idea, I'll be sure to check back soon
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    Made my first sale :)

    Congratulations, be sure to keep earning.
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    I need 7 dollars Fast

    Try microworkers or freelance
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    Need help for Fiverr Gigs Selling Please!

    Wow, that's pretty horrible I didn't know that could happen. I use Fiverr but have had minimal problems in 25 orders +
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    [GET] 1 Quality Wiki link for your website - Manual - Untouched by SEO tools

    Wow interesting method, I'll be sure to check it out.
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    Some Alternatives to iWriter

    Great list, I normally have articles written through Fiverr or oDesk, but I'll definitively check out some of these sites.
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