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    ROI strategies for product sale ?

    If someone is visiting my website there is a chance for sale but if it doesn?t happen. How can I capture the e-mail addresses of people who go to my landing page but do not buy the product?
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    [Help] How the whole system works.

    Increasing the rank of your page is not easy . It's a steady and slow work which requires a lot of patience and effort. You need do some research before you enter into the war of IM. Try SEO tutorial by Aaron. Its a good read . You will learn the basics of IM. Learn white hat and grey hat...
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    Is forum posting an effective strategy?

    Is Forum posting really good for promotion .Is it effective in bringing traffic to your website. And If Yes then shouldn?t I build a forum site for that particular niche if possible. And after building Forum how do you initiate new members to your forum. Do you promote it like a website or there...
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    is this a good backlink strategy?

    Besides targeting keywords I would say give hyperlinks on your author information and include a keyword there if possible.If one is not given include it and make it descriptive ,genuine and fun.
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    How to use Social networking for website promotion?

    I have just started my business .I have two websites .I need to promote them online mostly on social networks .What should be my initial strategy. I generally don't use social networking site. So plz help.My two websites are of the following niche-: 1.Online service 2. Physical product(health...
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    What is your Bounce Rate?

    My two website's bounce rate is 40-50 %. Both are E-commerce websites and I really need to come up with a strategy to bring figure that down because it is seriously hitting my business.
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    Blog Posting ,What should I do?

    Ok ,I have a question if I want to write a blog for guest blogging ,then do my entire blog should be completely original or I can use ideas from other blogs. If the type of blog already exist then my blog would not be considered? And from where do I get ideas and material to write an original...
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    Question about profile linking ?

    How do you use profile linking to promote your website and on which websites should I do it. Please give me some examples of the sites I should use and does it work like social networking sites where I need to build my network. Is it effective SEO practice or just a waste of my time?
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    Back-links from site on same Class C network?

    You should not post your links on sites which have same class c network because most of the time its not usefull and a waste of your time. Google will not penalize your site so chill. But you can post your links if they have high PR ranking.
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    Question About HTML Validation?

    Does HTML validation have any effect on SEO of a website? Even when you validate sites like facebook you get various number errors and warnings but i don't think it really effects the ranking of the site ,but I am not sure .So can anyone clear up my confusion? :confused:
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    Introductions - Formalities

    I am a college student (scholarship kid ). I desperately need to make money. I am new to SEO and Digital marketing.And I am also new to forums all together.So I am here to learn the trade .I hope you will pass on the torch to me. Thanks for the opportunity Guys...:)
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