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    High Volumes of WEBSITE TRAFFIC for 40+ COUNTRIES Over 200K A DAY $1 per 1K VISITORS!

    No worries. It wasn't my intent to accuse you doing something wrong. I'm aware of the limits of G analytics, and of adsense.
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    High Volumes of WEBSITE TRAFFIC for 40+ COUNTRIES Over 200K A DAY $1 per 1K VISITORS!

    Hi, I'm having issues with blogger & adsense & analytics. Basically, I'm seeing only 10% of visits your stats shows. While that isn't much of a problem to me, adsense is also seeing only 10% or less, which is kind of an issue. Not sure if this is expected, but just wanted to mention it. I...
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    High Volumes of WEBSITE TRAFFIC for 40+ COUNTRIES Over 200K A DAY $1 per 1K VISITORS!

    Hello, Bought $12 package, with VIP15 coupon. My transaction ID 0GF040267N6202436 BTW, do you have adult traffic? Thanks
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    ~Adwords Vouchers $50, $75, $100, €50, €75, €100, £50, £75, £100~Facebook $50~Paypal Only~

    Hello, I have a stupid question: I used adwords coupon before - I got it from my godaddy account. I'm wondering if I can buy another one and use it with my adwords account it sounds like the answer is 'no', but i'm hoping :)
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    Elite Private Proxies by SquidProxies - Guaranteed Working - Exclusive BHW Discount

    Hello, I have you bought 10 proxies package, tested and verified everythign works ok. I'm just not happy with the way your authorized IPs list works. It seems that only one IP can be used, but there is a way to add more IPs. I actually need more - one is for my web browser and another IP is the...
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    Paypal -70$

    No cops mate. Well... Maybe if you do smt else illegal and your neighbors report it ;) Or if you call them and tell them to su*k you bal*s or smt... Opportunities are endless ;)
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    Amazon affiliates - kinda of cheating on their side

    Interesting. They probably set some kind of cookie / session. I'm wondering if their API can be used to display those products on some of my own pages, thus selling them directly from my pages (and showing related products like that, as well). Still not sure if that is possible using their...
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    Amazon affiliates - kinda of cheating on their side

    Hello, Am I thinking wrong or what? When I provide my affiliate product link somewhere, and user clicks on that link and gets to product page - isn't it BAD thing from amazon NOT TO DISPLAY my affiliate links on related products??? I mean - if I bring someone to their site, and he then clicks...
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    Best (cheapest) hosting for a WP blog

    Only one... If more come by, I'd be willing to buy more. Thanks, I'll definitely check it out. Cheers, as I mentioned above, I'll definitely check it out. Kinda suspicious about people who don't ask for ANY money :). Not sure why...
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    Buying adult traffic

    Thx, I'll check it out. I'm not sure how did you end up with conclusion that I'm having a bad ctr on juicyads. Actually, I'm rather happy with my juicyads stats. My actual CTR on juicy is ~10% (when you look at num. of visitors / num of clicks). I have more than one juicy ads ad-positions...
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    Best (cheapest) hosting for a WP blog

    Hello, I bought a domain for one of my blogs, and I would like to play a little bit with it. It's a WP blog, and I update it once-twice a week. I also wanted to install and update some plugins, but I noticed that some things are a can't-do, since it's not hosted on my own hosting. As a...
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    How Can I create Twitter Accounts Fast

    You need to type and click very fast ;) No, really, are you sure that 'while ago' isn't something when twitter allowed opening account w/out e-mail confirmation?
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    The Complete Guide to Starting a Website [2016 updated]

    Regarding site analytics - there is a tool called piwik which is also quite cool. It can be found on hxxp:// Thank you for your post, too ;)
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    TrafficHolder unprofessional service

    Hello ppl, Did anyone have such a bad experience with TrafficHolder: I waited for roughly 5-7 days for them to enable paypal money load option, as I wanted to buy traffic from them. I wrote two tickets to get info about due time for paypal activation, and they have been stalling me for the...
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    Skype Playing Up?

    remove and install again. works as a charm.
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    Brazzers and similar?

    btw. what is an average CR on brazzers?
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    Brazzers and similar?

    @buddha: i'm waiting for their paypal option to start working. once that's true, i'll write back... anyways... i'm having 100+ clicks for the last few days and 0 signups :)... CR isn't mile high :)
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    Brazzers and similar?

    @buddha: I am, actually :) and i didn't notice the affiliate link part :)))... it's not a problem to click on someone's aff. link if he's kind enough to reply to a post. i try to always use other people's aff. links. however, it turned out i already have traffic holder account.
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    OMG, I complimented a beautiful girl and she...

    ok guys, give a guy a break. so wut, he's a bit childish... that's ok. these days, we all say that everything is ok... so why wouldn't that be?
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    Brazzers and similar?

    it's about the law of big numbers :p 'when you have enough visitors, you can sell anything' :)
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