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  1. PixelMuse

    Custom Wordpress Theme Design

    Thank you for the all the great PMs. It was a really tough decision, but I have chosen a designer for this particular project. Thread closed.
  2. PixelMuse

    Custom Wordpress Theme Design

    Hi guys, I have a client who needs a site done and as I am a bit overloaded at the moment I am currently searching to potentially outsource this project. This project will most likely require someone with an above average understanding of Wordpress code and theme design. The project...
  3. PixelMuse

    Camtasia alternative?

    You can also try CamStudio its freeware. I actually used this for a bit, its pretty decent considering its free.
  4. PixelMuse

    Husband Watching Porn on his IPHONE

    imho she should just talk with him and be direct. If it makes her uncomfortable she should say so. I do agree, all guys watch porn in one sense or another. But if my husband was doing it without me I'd just ask hey I know you are seeking new ideas but maybe we could experiment together. shrugs -...
  5. PixelMuse

    SHIT! I have Swine flu!!!!!!!

    I'm glad that your kids are starting to feel a bit better. My family has not gotten sick yet this season but I know it is inevitable that one of us will get sick :( I pondered getting my kids that n1h1 shot but just don't know. With my luck they'd later say oops we didnt test it enough and in 10...
  6. PixelMuse

    Would you buy gold on warcraft with real cash?

    I would not buy gold on wow simply because Blizzard has made the game so pathetically easy that I have more than enough just by doing dailies and such. Not to mention that part of the enjoyment of any game for me is to achieve my own things. However, I guess there are some people who do the...
  7. PixelMuse

    Blackhat Poem

    Very sweet poems guys, love it!
  8. PixelMuse

    Wife Hits Back...

    ooh lol I love it. thanks for posting! hehe
  9. PixelMuse

    What to use to use for 'blur' thing on the screenshot to cover the personal details plz?

    jmhmedia pretty much summed it up but just wanted to add that to add a blur effect I will sometimes use 'mosaic' but blur, erase or spray painting it works great too. Photoshop is godly but if you want a high quality lightweight freeware program you might want to look at xnview. w3.xnview.c0m/...
  10. PixelMuse

    Free Avatars

    Wow great site thanks! :)
  11. PixelMuse

    What's up with AVATAR?

    I was wondering about this too, thanks for the heads up.
  12. PixelMuse

    ***FREE php script for all BHW members***

    Hello, I signed up as PixelMuse, would appreciate a copy of "Keyword Tools". Thank you for your time and generous offer :)
  13. PixelMuse


    30... something :p
  14. PixelMuse

    3rd time is a charm?

    good info but keep in mind I'm sure they know we can read their forums too, so take everything you read there with a grain of salt.
  15. PixelMuse

    3rd time is a charm?

    I agree with you but from the posts I've read I don't know how much effort they are willing to put into taking legal action (they meaning the host not BHW admin). They seem to offer limited support hours and take their time when it comes to reviving the site after an attack.
  16. PixelMuse

    3rd time is a charm?

    So how about changing the forum software to something like SMF or IPB? I know IPB isn't free but probably easily affordable from what this website brings in and SMF is free of any cost. You guys knew there was a security exploit in VB since the first or second time the site was hacked, how come...
  17. PixelMuse

    3rd time is a charm?

    I agree with idk12 and Snowwhite but invite / private wont keep them from making hack attempts if its really what they want to do. The site MUST be locked down and made secure regardless of cost. This includes (but isn't limited to), new forum software, firewall security etc.
  18. PixelMuse

    3rd time is a charm?

    I'm sort of shocked there is no information posted about this. As a user, I seriously uncomfortable with the idea of those guys selling a database that includes user information. I was gone most of yesterday but did notice that BHW was down again. Did they seriously hack it AGAIN? If so I think...
  19. PixelMuse

    Anyone use joomla?

    Yes Joomla is awesome unless you wanted to try and use Wordpress for a CMS Joomla is the best way to go.. is also promising though I've yet to run a site off it.
  20. PixelMuse

    BHW legions

    I agree with this though I voted (1) because I feel overall that while changing the site to invite only won't prevent a hack attempt if someone really wanted to do it. Sooner or later if someone wanted to screw with the site they'd arrange to get an invite in from someone or just try to hack it...
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