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    Free tools to scedule retweets?

    use media studio in twitter buffer is also pretty good
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    Copying twitter posts

    if a copied tweet goes viral aka more than 5k likes I have had them deleted before but honestly have got suspended. twitter doesn't seem to really give a shit however if a bunch of people fill copyright claims on the tweet I have seen big parody accounts gets suspended in the past.
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    how is this guy tweeting same stuff over and over

    twitter bots enjoying a summer break lol
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    My normal twitter comment says "offensive content"

    go into setting and click on privacy and safety under safety uncheck mark media you tweet as containing material that may be sensitive
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    Twitter DM Traffic Questions

    honestly I wouldn't recommend sending links to non followers as I have seen alot of accounts get banned for dm links
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    Question About adult Twitter account

    the accounts i have seen do the best post a variation
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    3 years of working on my twitter account / is over

    twitter has been more lenient recently to dmca claims, but really its mainly luck
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    How to estimate the price of a twitter account?

    depends on the engagement and how much the owner is making. when negotiating the first person to name a price loses leverage. if you know the account owner is clueless on the value obviously try to offer a lowball offer before someone else finds the page. However if they are running ads and the...
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    How to estimate the price of a twitter account?

    If the owner of the account is smart and already has had success monetizing their page, you should expect to pay at least 6-12 months of the average revenue that account would be expected to make. That said if the account is an inactive account however the report shows its has...
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    Monetizing 1.2 Million Followers on Twitter

    yeah alot of the sites i had previously monetized these accounts with seem to be gone. I will check both of those sites out, I am trying to find out if anyone has had successful experience this year with a specific influencer site. Thanks for the reply
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    I've never been personally involved in a tweetdeck group or one of the new "groupchats". However I was talking to someone a couple weeks ago who was involved in a tweetdeck group before twitter banned almost everyone's accounts. That person said that the people from the old tweetdeck group now...
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    Monetizing 1.2 Million Followers on Twitter

    Have you had any past experience with either of those websites?
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    Monetizing 1.2 Million Followers on Twitter

    I was wondering if anyone had any unique/proven ideas or business propositions on how to monetize my twitter followers. I have 7 meme accounts with a combined 1.2 million followers and every tweet on any account is rted on all of the other accounts. I have two accounts 350k, 225k that are...
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    Its all mainly done in groupchats now that you have to be invited to join. You will need to show that your account has activity to join, best bet is to find the accounts obviously doing this and dm them asking to join.
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