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    Be Retweeted to 8 Million Real Followers Get your Tweet Seen !!

    Bookmarking for later. Can't wait to see some other results.
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    My First Journey.

    if you're selling graphic design services you should look at Etsy because products sell well there as the demographic of that site needs services like this and they are willing to pay well for them. I would suggest going there and looking at a few shops in your sector/niche and seeing how they...
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    New to BHW but not to internet marketing ;)

    Of course, The info is on my profile just be sure to add a note in there letting me know you are coming from BHW. I get a ton of what I can only assume are E-whores with obviously shady names lol
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    Looking for some information on selling things over the Internet.

    Hi Dev, if you want to just do the creative part and leave the time consuming stuff to others I think sites like Cafepress and Teechip. there is another one on the tip of my tongue but it escapes me. If you can find the right person to work with you I would strongly recommend Etsy to sell...
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    New to BHW but not to internet marketing ;)

    Thanks guys, much appreciated! I look forward to networking here and if anyone has any Etsy questions please feel free to get in touch. At one point we had the 4th top selling shop of all time on there. It's still in the top 20. We also captain the largest teams on the site as well as being the...
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    New to BHW but not to internet marketing ;)

    Thanks FBGuru, It's good to be here. Hi Yuriv welcome to BHW, I hope you find the site as useful as I have!
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    New to BHW but not to internet marketing ;)

    Hi all, glad to be here, just wanted to introduce myself. I have visited a few pages in the past when they came up on Google so figured I should join and get the most out of the site. My background is in social media. If you remember the first time Facebook changed their layout which caused an...
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