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  1. tyronics

    Google reviews - Yelp reviews - Facebook review service provide for your local business

    Worked with OP in the past and they drip fed the reviews as asked. All the reviews stuck. Have placed another order now. Thanks!
  2. tyronics

    SMM - Instant IG Followers/Likes 0.8$ per 1k. YT Views 0.6$ per 1k and More

    I have the same issue, can't register. It says registration disabled.
  3. tyronics

    Buy YouTube Views High Retention and GEO Targeted, YouTube likes and other ratings

    I credited $40 to my account and only $20 was actually credited. His site does not work and he does not seem to be active anymore. I've filed a dispute with paypal to retrieve the money sent. I would avoid if I was you.
  4. tyronics

    Disputing a copyright for a compilation video

    If JukinVideoNetworks have claimed your video it is because a clip in the compilation is represented by them on behalf of the owners. They have a duty to protect the copyright of the clips. Disputing the video is telling youtube you own the video which is not the case and will only force Jukin...
  5. tyronics

    Gmail-Youtube-Yahoo-Hotmail-MySpace-Aol @ CHEAP

    I'd like 10 Youtube PVA accounts, could you PM me. Thanks
  6. tyronics

    Gmail-Youtube-Yahoo-Hotmail-MySpace-Aol @ CHEAP

    I'd like 10 Youtube PVA accounts, could you PM me. Thanks
  7. tyronics

    youtube freeze?

    Youtube have changed their search system. Tags dont count anymore. So you need to put your tags in the title/description if you want it to be seen. It's stupid because before you could go to upload date> last day> and get hundreds of results for a single tag. Now you're lucky to get 6 videos...
  8. tyronics

    YouTube Search Results

    Youtube stopped people from searching by tags now. They're useless. If you want someone to see your video you have to post it in the title, then the description. Completely stupid
  9. tyronics

    Do the youtube search filters work for you?? PLZ CHECK SOMEONE

    They've completed changed the system. Most videos will take up to 3 days to show which is pointless. You can't see what new clips are uploaded now, they will show you 6 videos when before there may have been hundreds.
  10. tyronics

    **PREMIUM Quality Accts** BHW Since 2010-Gmail-Yahoo-Hotmail-Youtube-Instagram**

    I just ordered 40 PVA YT accounts, Paypal tranaction, l;ast 4 char- 934U It says the payment is unclaimed?
  11. tyronics

    Issue with YouTube Views

    Youtube changed their system so that it's is based on engagement levels. So the longer people watch your video relative to the length the video is, the better it does.
  12. tyronics

    Best simple solution for selling downloads via paypal? sounds like something that would help you.
  13. tyronics

    Screw Failblog

    Why are you complaining? You don't even own the video.
  14. tyronics

    Free StumbleUpon Friends

    Added the last 10 on here. Please add Ryan0617 I will follow back anyone who adds me.
  15. tyronics

    Youtube and Google Adsense.

    Adsense is 'generally' only for youtube partners. However, if you make a video popular within 48hours they will put up an option for you to take advantage of it being popular. You don't need to be a youtube partner for this. As the image shows above. It is usually around 4-10k views within...
  16. tyronics

    Any YouTube Partners here?

    The top youtubers easily make 6figures. First off you need something original? What do you plan on doing? What types of videos? Its such a vague question i cannot answer that. Again this depends. I have know for one person to have his video go viral and they made his account partnership...
  17. tyronics

    What happened to flashtweet??

    Twitter asked a load of companies to remove bulk unfollow as it was against their automation rules. Everyone agreed and removed it.
  18. tyronics

    Will I get banned?

    This is only true if it is on the same account. You can upload them to a different account with no problems.
  19. tyronics

    Twitter - Is there a way to find out who Autofollows?

    If you look in the members area there is a list of 2500 members who autofollow. Alternatively if you look at someones followers/following they shoudl be around the same. Look for people with over 1000/1000 each.
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