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  1. Theon

    Multilogin Facebook Ads

    Thanks for the insights. Do you mind explaining the part about leaving footprints? Do you mean not reusing anything if it's from a banned BM? Would you create everything new every time you use a new ad account or only when you suspect that it has been blacklisted? Thank you.
  2. Theon

    Halo, guys! Could u recommend online sms verification service, please.

    Does it work well for you? I had to contact support twice and am still not receiving SMSes over 2 numbers.
  3. Theon

    These is Lawal

    Welcome Lawal, I'm sure you're able to find threads that interest you over here.
  4. Theon

    Sup BHW :)

    Nonetheless, social media is competitive. Ample research would be helpful. All the best.
  5. Theon

    Hi All

    I think having IT background sure is useful for you to understand many things here. All the best!
  6. Theon

    It is my birthday today

    Happy birthday to you!
  7. Theon

    How Much For Hair Cut In Your Country ?

    $38 for an okay one. $8 for a basic one
  8. Theon

    Hi Mika here

    All the best in your journey. Hope that you can achieve your goal.
  9. Theon

    Story about my leads

    You mentioned being open-hearted, why not try Facebook again?
  10. Theon

    ★ What it's Like To Live With $10,000,000+

    Great share of perspective
  11. Theon


    Welcome. Looking forward to your sharing.
  12. Theon


    "now what start web shop and search payment gateway" Not sure what you mean. You are looking to start an ecommerce site and looking for a payment gateway?
  13. Theon

    biggest mistake ever

    Hope you manage to get some money back. All the best
  14. Theon

    Newbies Hype

    Interesting content, cool web design
  15. Theon

    Hello BHW Community!

    Welcome. Just curious, is there a reason why you're only doing business in LA?
  16. Theon

    Hello there!

    Welcome. So you're into Telegram marketing?
  17. Theon

    Hi from UK digital media worker

    Take time, read the IG sub-forum. Test different methods to see what works better. Things are constantly changing, so do try new things every time.
  18. Theon

    Where Can I Learn English?

    HelloTalk, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone. I'm learning other languages. It can be frustrating, but you start to pick up the language, subconsciously, with more exposure.
  19. Theon

    hi raviteja here..

    Start reading up IM journeys/making money, find out what you are good at and how much budget/time you have to spare. Start working on it consistently.
  20. Theon

    telegram group scraping?

    It would also depend on how you are going to use the member IDs, since users can report your messages as spam.
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