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    Does the IP of my computer matters while making links?

    Links which can be self created such as Forum, comments will google know that same person is creating these links or they only know the IP of sites where the links are coming from? Should I use nordVPN to create each link?
  3. cubitly

    Can I Recover One Website That Got Hit In May 2022 Update?

    There is no "Message" on webmaster tools
  4. cubitly

    Can I Recover One Website That Got Hit In May 2022 Update?

    One website of mine was ranking in high comp keywords. It was an expired domain with Extremely Good Quality Backlinks, It had like 40 Contextual Links from different high authority websites. I Made My Site Live Posted Articles And They were getting indexed in just 20 minutes without submitting...
  5. cubitly

    How do I know when this domain went on redemption period?

    I am confused did it went on redemption period on 19th december or 1st january ?
  6. cubitly

    301 Redirection, Serp still showing old domain

    I 301 Redirected my to when I am searching "" I am still seeing my old domain BUT the tittle and snippet is of (new site) The rankings of domain1 are also gone I thought the rankings would transfer to domain2.. its been like 15-16 days...
  7. cubitly

    Lost All Rankings After 301 Redirecting my website

    Everything disappeared from serp new domain is not appearing for the keywords which were ranking on old domain. I redirected my site 8 days ago. What should I do ? Should I start building new links or Should I wait more? thanks!
  8. cubitly

    How To Fix Webmaster deceptive page error??

    My friend bought a domain and added it into webmaster and right after that he got this I checked his posts there are only 10 posts and they are normal. So I am guessing that this domain might be a expired one? So I told him to do a wordfence review and click on request review. I asked him to...
  9. cubitly

    Question About - Webmaster Tools > Removals > Clear Cached URL

    I had changed the title and date of all the posts of my site which got 22 posts. But google wasn't showing the updated title, date in serp since 15 days + Added images to every content updated dates of all content again But I was still facing the same issue. 5 Days Back I submitted my...
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    One Domain Shows Good Links in ahrefs but only inside "Historical"

    One expired domain has good links but I can only see them inside historical section of ahrefs. When I am manually clicking on those links. The links are still live as I can see, Then Why does it marked as historical in ahrefs?
  11. cubitly

    Crypto Journey to $10M by March 2024

    read this book called psychology of money
  12. cubitly

    Except 2 posts none of the posts updates are getting fetched

    I have a site of 22 posts it gets (200-220) users perday All posts and pages are indexed, Since many days. I have updated all the posts date and title. But only two posts updated titles and date are in google, Rest posts are showing old dates and title since 10 days +. eventhough the posts...
  13. cubitly

    Best Way To Setup Wordpress Website On Digitalocean?

    Hello there ! What Is The Best Way To Setup Wordpress Website On Digitalocean? I have used command but it causes me some problems. What Would be the best free way to setup a website with no caching issue and all that. Thanks !
  14. cubitly

    Hi everyone From Philippines

    Welcome bro!
  15. cubitly

    301 Redirection From Site A To B

    Yup! :)
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