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  1. Wilson Fisk

    How much time do I need to rank first page?

    I think it all depends on your SEO tactics.
  2. Wilson Fisk

    can't sign up for instagram

    I am facing the same issue right now and there is not any reason that my ip should be blacklisted.
  3. Wilson Fisk

    How to learn SEO?

    You could try several online courses, like on coursera, but that won't be enough. It requires plenty of work.
  4. Wilson Fisk

    Making Money in Europe(Need advice)

    I'm in the same situation, even though I won't make too much money, I will learn key features of IM for future use.
  5. Wilson Fisk

    hello I need a list of mobile networks that support sending Mail> SMS

    Check callcentric , I think they do have that option
  6. Wilson Fisk

    Can google recognize translated article ?

    Quite so, not all articles. Just few of them and some number of indention, not the full article.
  7. Wilson Fisk

    Can google recognize translated article ?

    Soon I'm gonna start blogging, I've already chosen the niche. I plan to create this blog not for English readers, but for my natives. I found several sites about this niche in English and I was wondering if google can recognize directly translated articles ?
  8. Wilson Fisk

    HELP !!

    Welcome! You are in the right place, check black hat sections on the left.
  9. Wilson Fisk

    Need Suggestion

    Always welcome, but check it anyways, maybe I'm mistaken.
  10. Wilson Fisk

    how to get backlinks for a travel site?

    Which websites are you talking about ?
  11. Wilson Fisk

    Free Office 365 Online Version Account

    dude you are a newbie, read OP 's post - !!!
  12. Wilson Fisk

    Need Suggestion

    I think it's not possible to monetize free WP page
  13. Wilson Fisk

    Free Office 365 Online Version Account

    come on -_- really ?
  14. Wilson Fisk

    [Free] Tool to check if your backlinks are indexed

    site:"link" - isn't it the easiest way to check if it's indexed by google ?
  15. Wilson Fisk

    I need instant money making method

    You could also try freelancing, take an easy and not too much time consuming project - like translating texts or something like that. It won't earn you much but it's better than nothing.
  16. Wilson Fisk

    Kindly suggest SEO for my site

    Yes but make it more readable.
  17. Wilson Fisk

    Kindly suggest SEO for my site

    First of all take care of your website's interface!!!
  18. Wilson Fisk

    The worst thing you can do on the internet.

    Socialization is not all about making friends. Sharing information is worth trying and participating in the discussion. Just observing debates from the offline is not enough, sometimes you have a question or you noticed that someone's argument is wrong - you have to take an action. I thinks...
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