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    Question about Blog Promotion!

    Hey guys, Just a quick question for everyone. I have a site selling self defense products like pepper sprays, stun guns etc. Well like all good online marketers I have a blog to go with it. I use wordpress and have a list of sites that are supposedly pinged every time I submit a post. My...
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    === Guaranteed Money Making Guide - 100% workable, you can slap if you it doesn't :) ===

    Nice this is going to be good I go!
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    Need Some Serious Help!

    Sorry about the stupid question regarding what "IM" is. I had a very long day with no sleep and constant distraction. While laying down I realized what I asked and smacked myself. Anywho, I like the information you guys gave me. I WILL take action and as a matter of fact have already done so. I...
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    How To Make Money Online - Getting Started

    I agree with everyone. You have to first pick something and stick with it. That is the only way.
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    Need Some Serious Help!

    Hey Everyone! To start off all I really want to say is this...I need to make $2000.00 by the 1st of the month. I have looked through a few threads and havn't found anything I really understood. First off what is "IM"? I heard people making money that way and I'm not sure what it is. If anyone...
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