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    Kindle- Publishing in other languages

    Thats a good question anybody got any answers?
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    Ebay dropship

    Ive come to this thread late and link down
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    [GET] WSO 611248 - Offline Video Vengeance

    Quick review use jing to make a video on the video go to their website and show it on a smartphone simulator and then to a mock up in Duda and show how it looks on a mobile site Ok idea but it comes across as looking a bit cheap to me Hey but its a quick read so it worth a scan
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    Best Fiverr Deals

    I used fiverr about 15 times with mixed results I found ones that check over your site for seo mistakes are not bad they may not find much but for a $5 it's worth another set of eyes giving it the once over it helped me with a few mistakes
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    NOOBS: Get Paid $50+/hr Ez Offline Marketing

    sounds a great idea I hate cold calling will email work as well
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    what is the best business to start with off line

    Hi all Can you offer me some advice I have built a wordpress web site around a keyword "flats to let in gateshead" and also have the domain I am sitting at about 8 on the first page but can't seem to get any higher. This seems to lower a position to try to sell advertising space Ive started...
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    Guaranteed $10K a month online/offline hybrid method.

    Great post I guess if you didn't want to talk to a potential client you could find ones with emails from the yellow pages and contact then that way
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    The Niche Guide - Intro & Part 1 (Finding A Niche)

    Good solid stuff the only thing I would add is spend a few bucks and buy Micro Niche finder this really does cut down alot of the leg work has top notch features:mischievo
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    It burns when I pee...

    As everyone' has said for Christ sake go to the docs, it maybe a simple infection but it could also be STD which you will want to sort out straight away the longer you wait the worse =it gets believe me I KNOW
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    Anyone tried the Allen Carr dvd for giving up smoking?

    Yeah tried it and lasted a few weeks then hit a shit patch at work and I was back on them. What i gave up on is the tablets from the docs they are th biz and I smoked for 25 years Hope this helps keep trying you will get there
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    Finaly! One that works!

    Sounds great i don't mind the hard work if I'm sure of the results good on ya! would love a ref..
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    The Easiest and Quickest $100 A Day I Know

    This sounds great but who do you post the articles to to get the money
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    Should I stick to Ezine?

    ezine is to me the best one and I have had my greatest success with, but i found go articles and isnare do yield profits hoipe this helps
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