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    BH SEO Advisor needed

    I need someone to advice and implement BH/WH SEO strategy for a site of mine. basically decide what needs to be done, and and then get the needful done - be it backlinks, xrumer, and then liaison with 3rd party if need be. (the need obviously is to be #1 on google for a few keywords in a...
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    Stop Frame Breakout

    How can I stop a frame breakout? Programatically, do you have a way of stopping a Frame Breakout? I have a site like and am using frames to show the topics. some sites break the frames, and remove the history of the browser, which I want to stop.
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    Stop Frame Breakout

    Is there any way to stop frame breakout script from executing? (i am including a page in iframe that has the breakout script)
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    Awesome - Best National Geographic Photos of 2008

    Best National Geographic Photos of 2008 Wish I could take pics like these! :smurves23
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    Why I will miss GWB - Funniest George Bush Moments

    Why I will miss GWB - Funniest George Bush Moments This is the only reason why I will miss him. He was such a clown! Source and more funny pics here
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    [OT] Lessons for Advertising

    25 Unforgettable Advertisements
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    Best Gym Workout music?

    What are your favorites? I like Metallica Black Album, GNR, Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark, ACDC - not quite like dance beats for workout. But for Cardio I'd think it is good... What are yours?
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    Hilarious - Poorly Placed Ads
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    Hilarious - Poorly Placed Ads

    Poorly Placed Ads It is surprising how hilarious (or sad) it can get when your advertisements are not placed properly :D
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    Gymnastics Hotties Sacramone & Liukin In Bikinis

    Nastia Luikin might be the golden girl of the US Olympics gymnastics team, but the breakout star might be Alicia Sacramone. In ways that the mainstream media is unable to comprehend, Sacramone has become one of the most talked about & searched-for athletes (or even celebrities of any kind) in...
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    Hilarious - NSFW Cheated girlfriends take YouTube revenge

    but this story has been picked up by some reputable newspapers like not sure if it is staged... but yeah, good point. i am sure some ppl will go to those sites once they see the video.
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    Hilarious - NSFW Cheated girlfriends take YouTube revenge

    One young woman from the UK, calling herself 'Costacarta' got her own back in July, when she filmed herself getting intimate with a male prostitute. "Hi John," she said to the camera as she posed in her underwear grabbing the waist of the gigolo. "You've cheated on me once and now it's payback...
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    Olympics Hottest Female athletes

    Here you go!
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    Olympics Hottest Female athletes

    care to share the pics?:twitch:
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    Olympics Hottest Female athletes

    polymorphs! Out with the truth - you are the Big Georgie! We recognize you!!! You literally got behind, huh? :)
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    Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics

    Makes one wonder if anything is not faked! The Chinese are really trying hard but somehow someone somewhere is leaking out all the secrets! :)
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