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    [Step By Step] How to make recurring 2k+ a month

    These kind of businesses are all fine and dandy in theory, but in reality you WILL be dealing with the business owner/his relatives about every little detail concerning their website and Facebook page. Even if you offer them for free. You will be churning out your time and your nerves like...
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    Website creation/marketing/consulting business question(s)

    Thank you for the responses. I do understand the value of outsourcing and if clients would turn out to be demanding, I would have to do it regardles. Still, outsourcing the whole thing sounds expensive, even if one graphic designer would do it cheap, there's the coder and there's this other...
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    Website creation/marketing/consulting business question(s)

    I've been a toying with the idea of offering website creation and marketing services for local companies, but always have this one problem stopping me, and that is: how much skill really is needed? What I mean is, I have at least basic knowledge of html/php/css and know my way around Wordpress...
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    Need help with sweetTitles.js

    Heya, Looking for javascript gurus. I have sweetTitles.js, but need a little tweak in there which makes it possible to display clickable links in my tooltip. Currently the tooltip disappears the second the pointer is moved on links (be it text or image links). Will pay 10 bucks for making it...
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    PHP coder needed

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    Forced Click ! (Webmaster making $$$)

    Crowmulus, I take Comclick deals only with French sites, do you know any other European networks you could recommend?
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    Social Bookmarking on 100 Do Follow Social Sites

    This is a top notch service. Everything is done as promised and the report itself is excellent. I can recommend this to anyone, anytime. Keep up the good work DigitalCrew!
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    Phoenix Twitter Desktop

    Great piece of software! Keep up the good work man.
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    Domain redicting and referer

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    Bum marketing questions

    Thanks, but what about the domains? One for each keyword pointing to a one landingpage or several landingpages?
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    Bum marketing questions

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    Multiple keywords in WP

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    Multiple keywords in WP

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    Multiple keywords in WP

    I take it as one page with all the keywords. thank you guys for your help.
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    Rate this article

    Yep. Written by a guy who charges for that stuff.
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    Multiple keywords in WP

    What about the landing page then? All the keywords in same page or different page for each keyword?
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