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    How much is my adsense $ worth?

    Yahoo reminds me a lot of adsense back in the day. At the moment I cant see them even looking at sites with less than 10K uniques per day and just remember it takes a while for them to review your content (around a month for me which leads me to believe a "real" yahoo representative checks...
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    How much is my adsense $ worth?

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    Need a ad/banner designer

    i'll do you professional graphics at a price. I'll send you a watermarked copy for your approval then $30 to remove the watermarks on all 3 graphics. My email is: [email protected] (send me some images of stock and an idea of what you want on the banner)
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    How to advertise your channel? Get legit traffic

    I have a few channels as I like to have a lot of content to distribute ads over so theres never more than one ad on a vid. Im generally in the gaming and electronics niche though.
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    How to advertise your channel? Get legit traffic

    content is original
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    How to advertise your channel? Get legit traffic

    I have been part of the partnership program for a while and pretty much gave up with it a few months ago after making very little money once google took there cut. I have found a much more cost effective way which helps other youtubers aswell and I get the profit without a middleman (google)...
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    Need 1k YouTube Accounts [Today]

    edit. cant help you
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    Need person with youtube account

    read my other thread. Im selling a popular channel (1.5+ million views) if you want it for advertising. my email is [email protected]
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