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  1. Danki

    0$ E-Book | How to Create YouTube Videos in 5 Minutes

  2. Danki

    Quick: Get $2500 OpenAI API Credits (FREE) + up to $150.000 (150k) towards Azure OpenAI Service (FREE)

    Tested it with a fake account, let's see if it's gonna work! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Danki

    HAHA emoji got removed?

    They say that sad people only see sad emojis. Be happy Festinger, be happy. : P
  4. Danki

    Earth is flat prove me wrong

    Flying Spaghetti Monster exists, prove me wrong.
  5. Danki


    I'm not a fan of football, but I used to like Ronaldinho :smirk:
  6. Danki

    Can you share your perspective on websites that are permitted to be accessed for free?

    Social Media is already free to use! anyone can create an account (for free) and use it. Of course, if it's free it means that users are the products but that's another subject. If you're willing to create a social media website I suggest targeting only a specific niche (for example: social...
  7. Danki

    Can I use the same theme on 3-4 sites in the same Niche?

    Just don’t use the same content, as simple as that.
  8. Danki

    Tattoo topic

  9. Danki

    SENSIT | GPT-3 | 1-Click AutoPilot Full Articles | Unlimited Words/ Article | Rewrite & Enhance Content | API

    Hello. Interesting. I would like a free trial to test Translation content. Thank you.
  10. Danki

    Hello everyone

    Welcome ✌️
  11. Danki

    Easy Step-by-Step Method to Make Money Online That Made Me Over $12,000

    I want discount. But please, could you answer the following questions before I purchased: - Is the method working from any location or should I use a VPN? - How much money I'll need for investment in this method?
  12. Danki

    Do you guys hate Mondays too, or is it just me ??

    No. I used to hate Mondays and Tuesdays ... but fuck it. they're just names of days!! nothing more. I can be happy on a random Monday and be very depressed on a random Sunday. Just because we're in a capitalist world and because the stereotype we have on Mondays makes people hate Mondays. Life...
  13. Danki

    [Case-Study] - This is why you shouldn't use ChatGPT in your SEO content

    oops, I used the search to make sure no one posted it, but I missed this.
  14. Danki

    [Case-Study] - This is why you shouldn't use ChatGPT in your SEO content

    I just want to share with you a good case study about AI Content detection. The case study used only public tools, and it turns out that ChatGPT failed in all of them. The case study is made by Matthew Woodward. Note: "My post" in this pic is not an AI, it's just a human-text post.
  15. Danki

    im new

    Welcome to the right place
  16. Danki

    Just for your smile )

  17. Danki

    How does instagram make money?

    It's about traffic. You earn traffic, and it's up to you how to monetize that traffic, whether by CPA offers Affiliate links Links to your website (Ads monetization) Links to your products Offers from other websites/businesses (as Influencers) ....
  18. Danki

    Don't waste time using ChatGPT 100% content

    It is so important to edit the AI content - at least for the moment. You can tell the Ai to answer in human-text. I have tried it, it gave me better results than before, but still needs a lot of human touch to make it Human-text.
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