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    Free VCC (works for every countries)

    I hope you can let me know something more about this!
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    Long Tail Pro v. Market Samurai

    I used Market Samurai for a time and I have to say it was better (in my opinion) than the Long Tail Pro version. The SEO Competition checker + "all in title", domain age, etc. is just more detailed than LTP. Anyway, it's just whatever you prefer. @OP, I recommend you to find a trial version for...
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    Looking for guide on how to use GSA ser

    Sorry Hawkster, but most of those videos are publiced in August 2012, it shows how to use the software, but not really how to rank anything or used mixed platforms in order to create a variety of backlinks, but it's nice to watch to see what the program looks like and how things work basically...
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    Looking for guide on how to use GSA ser

    I own GSA (not using it anymore though) and I purchased the original licenses from the site. With lincenses I mean: GSA Search Engine Ranker, Captcha Breaker and Indexer. They costs me about $250.. I used semi-private proxies, since I didn't mind to share proxies with other GSA users. I also...
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    Need native writers

    I translated English content to Dutch. I asked $10 / 500 words, so whether I need to translate it or create it. Price will be negotiable, depending on quality of the content you need, how many times per day you need content and I can only accept PayPal so far. If you need examples of my work, I...
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    Thanks BHW Family.Today is my 23rd Birthday and I made $193.78 Today

    Congratulations! Not only with your Birthday, but also with your earnings! $200/day is really nice, so I hope you'll keep that up for the next 364 days haha :) Happy Birthday buddy!
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    Sorry, misunderstood that because of "wil give a free service to fast 10 people here", I thought you were going to sell your service after those 10 haha, anyway. Good luck with learning and I hope you'll see progression!
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    I don't believe in praying for internet marketing, but I wish you all the best luck! You should edit your thread to a more on-topic title, so other members will see your thread easier and are more curious to click at it perhaps :)
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    [HELP] My CPA site has unwanted Ads [HTML/PHP KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED]

    Can't find anything yet, will wait for others to reply meanwhile I'll keep on searching :) Thanks for the fast reply though! EDITED THIS PART: I've found the issue! It was inside a PHP file, deleted this code: and no idea why, but now I don't see the ads anymore...
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    [HELP] My CPA site has unwanted Ads [HTML/PHP KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED]

    Hello you all, I'd like to know if there is a web designer who can help me.. Yesterday I've uploaded a new template for my CPA site, but now when I run the site at my laptop (without Adblocker) or mobile (smartphone), I see first an advertisement popping up and another advertisement when I...
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    The Real #1 Reason Why 95% Of You Will Always Fail - No Matter How Hard You Try

    It's indeed the mindset that keeps us "limited as an eliphant". I have seen those training techniques and it could be that we're "trained" the same since we where a child.. you can't do this, no you won't make money online, I don't think it'll work.. etc. We just have to BELIEVE in ourself! I...
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    Premium Elite Super Microniche $250/days ~ [SEO include]

    @OP, Cold you send me a review copy as well, if it's allowed. I misunderstood your thread and re-read it and now I'd like to try it out :)
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    Awesome CPAgrip idea...

    PM John, he's my accountmanager + everybody's else accountmanager (seems like haha) anyway.. he helped me turning a 100% blackhat niche into whitehat + gave me tips for future niches.. Althoug he's working for the network, he's trying his best to give the best support to keep YOU and the network...
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    MOZ Premium Accounts

    If this still counts, please count me in! I'd like to have a MOZ premium account :)
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    Cpalead guys took it to the next level lol

    I'm glad they paid me my money when they were still legit.. now it looks like a 12 year old designed a site, with too annoying pop-ups and such. No offense to them, but I really think they can't really go any lower than this. Unfortunate to see a network big as CPAlead, dropping their quality to...
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    *FB Page Partnership*

    You should hear yourself hahaha 1M likes with r&b, hiphop & clothing can be used very well for CPA but only if you KNOW how to implement that, but according to Spawnie I don't know what I'm talking about.. Anyway, I just don't hope you'll monetize it with Google Adsense, but whatever OP is...
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    *FB Page Partnership*

    I understand it, but you have to see that it could become a really big source of income for you and your page. It's easy to create, I can show you a few of my sites and with only $20 a year or so you can have a full domain + hosting (for small traffic).. anyway, I'd concider CPA if I were you. I...
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    *FB Page Partnership*

    Add cpa to your site's with a social locker. They have to like, share, tweet, pinterest, etc to continue (viral effect) and a survey/offer to complete the download/unlock the content. If you need help or more explanation, please PM me. I got several pages (not that populair though) and I'm...
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    What did i need to use with gsa ranker ?

    I used: GSA Search Engine Ranker GSA Captcha Breaker (combined with free services) GSA Indexer (indexification(dot)com is better) 10-20 Private proxies (proxies(dot)org) VPS to run the programs 24/7 Puttty (to connect with the VPS) more than that I didnt use haha, at least you should use proxies...
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    [Giveaway] Bing Ads Account with Clicks + impressions

    Count me in! I'd love to experiment with Bing ads, my Facebook advertisement is now at $0,05/click, so I got some progression hahaha
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