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  1. DFunny

    What I can do with $6 dollars?

    Buy a box of condoms and go f*ck yourself.
  2. DFunny

    Google Analytics Question

    Right now I have a site that's a few months old that I'm in the process of SEO'ing. When I do my SEO on new sites I like to grab some cheap traffic off Twitter and send them to various pages on the site because well, I think building a bunch of links to a site with no visitors would look...
  3. DFunny

    Find a whitehat SEO guru...

    You'd probably have better luck asking this question in a WH SEO forum..
  4. DFunny

    Advice please - Panda or sandbox?

    Just give up on the site and move on to something else. You have to ride the trends and spammy, poor quality sites are dying off quickly there's really no point in investing your time into them.
  5. DFunny

    Finally making $1k/day consistently :D

    Hey, congrats on the success man. You've always seemed like a good dude so I'm happy for you.
  6. DFunny

    Did Your Ezine Articles Lose Rank Recently???

    I can't recall a time where my article made it into the Top 10 of the SERPs without making the most viewed section first. Maybe top 20 for some fairly uncompetitive keywords but even that's being generous.
  7. DFunny

    Did Your Ezine Articles Lose Rank Recently???

    What google really needs to take into consideration is that the vast majority of ezine articles ranking in the SERPs are there because they are quality articles that have been published a bunch of times and because of that they made it do most viewed and most published sections. It's not like...
  8. DFunny

    Did Your Ezine Articles Lose Rank Recently???

    It's been a while since the algo change and I'm still steaming over it. I did some for digging and found out that a bunch of my articles are being outranked by poorly made blogs that copied it 1 for 1 or and others that just spun the article. Here's an example, this isn't my article BTW, check...
  9. DFunny

    VPS vs shared hosting question

    Meh, only 7 views? I'm bumpin this b*tch
  10. DFunny

    VPS vs shared hosting question

    I have a few completely different sites on a shared hosting plan, all but 1 of them are there as "addon domains".. I was wondering if it'd be better to host them on a VPS, each on a different IP?
  11. DFunny

    To www or not to www

    I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on whether to use h**p:// or h**p:// When I first started got into this over a year ago I made the mistake of building links to both versions of the domain name. This ended being a real b*tch because sometimes my site...
  12. DFunny

    Would this be considered keyword stuffing?

    Yeah, I'm aware of that...
  13. DFunny

    Would this be considered keyword stuffing?

    I'm talking about using all the different keyword phrases in a sidebar as anchor text that link to the various pages of the site.
  14. DFunny

    Would this be considered keyword stuffing?

    Let's say I'm designing a site for the keyword "dog training". And in the sidebar I linked to all the different pages of the site using the keywords for each page as anchor text would I be penalized for keyword stuffing the site. let's say this is the sidebar that links to all the different...
  15. DFunny

    What Are Your Top 5 Movies of All Time?

    If you like requiem for a dream go and see Black Swan, it was directed by the same dude Darren Aronofsky. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time.
  16. DFunny

    Did Your Ezine Articles Lose Rank Recently???

    Nah man, that was last weeks algo change. This is a new one and 99% ezine articles took a hit on the SERPS, regardless of how well they're written.
  17. DFunny

    Did Your Ezine Articles Lose Rank Recently???

    For some reason it's been raining adwords coupons these last couple months and now these algo changes. What a coincidence.... But to answer your question Ramsweb, yes, just about all my ezine articles dropped in the rankings and I think it's pretty shitty. IMO, if they want to penalize poorly...
  18. DFunny

    Any Sure Fire Way To Get Web2.0s indexed quick?

    I do something similar using twitter and can get like 20 out of 25 web 2.0's indexed in just a couple hours. But after a couple days a lot of them get de-indexed and then they slowly come back... it's kinda weird.
  19. DFunny

    [Afternoon LoL] Pics

    European girls look like they're soo much more fun than American chicks, I really need to get over there.
  20. DFunny

    **PREMIUM Quality Accts** BHW Since 2010-Gmail-Yahoo-Hotmail-Youtube-Instagram**

    I placed an order for 100 phone verified gmails last night, transaction ID 2WF35382BM4825236
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