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  1. mishaq

    I want to punish users who try to wrong login

    Why do you need this? You only lose time. And you can stop :)
  2. mishaq

    XEvil or GSA Captcha Breaker? Final decision??

    Only for recognize Recaptcha v2/v3. And for example, GSA Captcha Breaker doesn't support new recaptcha :).
  3. mishaq

    XEvil or GSA Captcha Breaker? Final decision??

    Seriously? xevil supported over 8400 captcha types. How match supported GSA? I vote for Xevil. If you will be use xevil, you can save very many money.
  4. mishaq

    Why is telegram deleting and banning my account

    1. What IP do you use? Your phone number from this city (where IP)? 2. You can send a request to [email protected] to unlocking the account.
  5. mishaq

    are more people reading blogs than watching YouTube?

    But, where more people? I think more people like films.
  6. mishaq

    Bitcoin $1,000,000+

    In 2035 - maybe, maybe :)
  7. mishaq

    are more people reading blogs than watching YouTube?

    Podcasts or video formats is more popular in 2021. Who reading blogs? I think this format is dyingю All my friends use video content to save time.
  8. mishaq

    Adsense refused my website

    What is your niche? Copywriting? How many pages are on site? Site is younger than 6 months?
  9. mishaq

    Who is using xevil for captcha solving?

    You need to buy Xrumer (standard license) to get xevil. Yes, but if you need new updates for xevil, you need to buy subscribe for the next 12+ months. Yes, you can emulate any services with xevil. For example, you can emulate antigate in xevil and use this OCR in GSA.
  10. mishaq

    Your automation experience

    I use automatization for all task, where it is possible, its is save my time! Python, C# :).
  11. mishaq

    Add a meta tag to the homepage to verify the website.

    This 100% safe method and you can remove this meta-tag after check.
  12. mishaq

    How can i access an overloaded/jammed website faster than others ?

    1. How to create a request with python: 2. If you don't know how to create bots, you can check this tutorial (how to run the script every 1 min): For hard realization, you need a freelancer :). I write only basic examples.
  13. mishaq

    How can i access an overloaded/jammed website faster than others ?

    1. You need a super-fast connection to the server where this site. For example, a 1Gb connection or server with the same location. 2. POST/GET requests, PHP, Python, etc. 3. Good timing for send requests.
  14. mishaq

    Improving my alexa ranking

    You can use BAS (free) or Zennoposter to solve your task.
  15. mishaq

    How to cloak text on a page?

    don't use this method. It will be ok if you display the form in a popup.
  16. mishaq

    Bot plaguing my site....

    You lose time, you can solve other problems or tasks :) .
  17. mishaq

    How to Index Bacnlinks fast?

    tier 2-3 links, comments, forum posts can help you.
  18. mishaq

    Challenges in blogging full time in 2021

    In 2021 people like video content, video bloggers. You need awesome text content for attracting users.
  19. mishaq

    Is there a cheaper alternative to Multilogin that works exactly like Multilogin?

    You can check dolphin {anti}
  20. mishaq

    Offend BHW Community In One Sentence

    You don't need a site to get clients.
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