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  1. Blond Lady

    New blond user is in da house

    Hi! I am pretty new here, was active just a few times and still learning... :) Is that the place to meet new people as well from the BH world? Well, I have a client who is looking for leads generator for his business (he has a very big business in the constructions category) and he developed a...
  2. Blond Lady

    Dedicated & Shared Private Proxies - Instant Setup - 24/7 Support - Exclusive BHW Discount

    hi I would like to buy iran proxies. is that something you can help me with? Thanks
  3. Blond Lady

    Hello from me!

    Hi everyone, I am pretty new here, was registered a while ago but now I am a bit more active and looking for learning and make new colleagues from the tech and digital world :)
  4. Blond Lady

    YouTube Video Views

    Ok, I'm new here, will look for it. Thank you so much!
  5. Blond Lady

    Working with Pinterest?

    You should add lots of keywords on your content, it increases your exposure on Google.
  6. Blond Lady

    Please help!!! Proxies question

    isn't it better to buy from an organized company? How can we know who cheat and who is real?
  7. Blond Lady

    YouTube Video Views

    That's what I'm looking for. a way to increase video views on Youtube or Facebook... If anyone knows about such service I'd appreciate it..
  8. Blond Lady

    YouTube Video Views

    Any good video "views" bots you could recommend please?
  9. Blond Lady

    Blocking Followers

    Hi, I am working with few accounts with bot and recently some accounts have "follow block". The funny thing is - that on the instagram-web, the follow works! But on the instagram app it doesn't. Anyone experienced that?
  10. Blond Lady

    Follow Blocks

    How long after? It just happens to meas well with new accounts! :(
  11. Blond Lady

    YouTube /Facebook video views?

    What's the best way to increase YouTube video views? Or Facebook video views? Thanks
  12. Blond Lady

    Follow Blocks

    Hey, I have a question- I can follow from the Instagram-web (on the computer), but not from the app. I changed proxy on the system I am using and still same problem. Anyone have an idea why? Or anyone have experienced it as well?
  13. Blond Lady

    Proxy and Like Blocks

    I have same problem ... But the weirdest thing is - I can follow from the Instagram-web (on the computer), but not from the app. Anyone have an idea why? Or anyone have experienced it as well?
  14. Blond Lady

    Instagram Comment POD

    Hey! would love to join one! still relevant?
  15. Blond Lady

    Looking for an an expert in computer science

    Hi I have been managing a great Instagram tool, and used to work with a tech guy, who helped me manage proxies, servers, and other things. We are no longer work together and I'm looking for someone new to work with. Please let me know if know of anyone or you'd like to assist. Thanks! BL
  16. Blond Lady

    Simple Manual Instagram Journey to 25K followers

    Hi! I'd love to learn more about what you are doing, I have been doing some very cool following growing with a different tool I am using, curious on what do you exactly do on IG? Thanks :)
  17. Blond Lady

    Adult Website Software

    Hello, I am planning to start a new webcam website for adults. I am looking for a good platform to use it / adeveloper Also - Does anyone know this site? Can I trust them? How can I know? camscripts Thanks! B.L
  18. Blond Lady

    Start an adult webcam site and join my help group!

    Hey, I know it's an old thread, but I am planning to start a webcam site and there are many different ideas here, so I am not sure anymore where I should start... If someone could show me the door to enter and start from there, I'd be greatfull :o Blod Lady here sending you love and...
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