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  1. veboo

    Can you share your crypto investments for the next period

    My portfolio would be like : 1. $HBAR Why? Regulations are coming to crypto whether you like it or not. Hedera has great partnerships and the hashgraph technology and hedera's consensus algo is quite sound. My idea is that While Eth will remain as the publically supported tokenization project...
  2. veboo

    Programming for someone else is not enough

    This is quite true. I myself is a software engineer most of the time settled to the company's requirements. However I do code off work also as a freelancer and for my own self learning. Hoping to have something of my own within the next years.
  3. veboo

    ⭐GET Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins⚡FESTINGERVAULT.COM ❤️Automatic Updates | Bulk Downloads | VirusTotal Reports ➡️ REGISTER FOR A BONUS!⚜️

    Hi mate, Can you add this theme to your repository. Theme name: Recond - Recording Studio & Music Band WordPress Theme Link: If so please let me know. Thank you, Veboo
  4. veboo

    Is there any service which sells themeforest themes at a lower rate?

    Is there any service which sells themeforest themes at a lower rate? Or if someone wants a premium theme that is on themeforest, that's it? If any place or service you can direct me to I would be grateful Thank you Veboo
  5. veboo

    [GET] FREE 1 000 000+ assets from

    I don't know whether the give away is still open! If you can please help me get this <3 Thank you :) !
  6. veboo


    Send me sample reports and a coupon code :) hoping to try this on!
  7. veboo

    30$ = 30 PBN + 50 Web2.0

    New order placed - pp id - "5J721*************6852H" I have added the notes on anchor texts. Please follow them closely Veboo
  8. veboo

    [CROWDO LINKS] ⭐ 20% OFF NEW CLIENTS! ⭐ Now From 6$/Link! ✅ Overdeliver 20% To Each Order ❤️ DA up to 92 ❤️ Links You Want to Have in 2023 ❤️

    Received two Crowdo Links from Stan as a review copy. Those are actually niche relevant forum posts with inline text links, which is really nice to have. Metrics: site 1: DA 54 and TF 35. site 2: DA 73, TF 32 Those are not some dead forums, but active forums and have millions of pageviews per...
  9. veboo

    ★★★ SUPER-POWER LINKS ★★★ Cheap PBN Links at Scale ✅ from 0.36 per Post ✅ from DA 10 upto DA 50+

    Ill take a review copy and leave an honest review upon completion. Hoping to use these in Tier 2 for my moneysite Veboo
  10. veboo

    Done For You Social Media Content Creation and Posting for Only $89 a Month!

    Interested in a trial for linkedin. I am not a "senior" member but have been here for around 6 years now. Let me know if I qualify
  11. veboo

    Finance PBN Links

    Interested in this. Can I see some samples for accounting niche if there any. And are all the domains .com or would there be any .ca domains available ??
  12. veboo

    Unique Crowd Links from the traffic-rich popular resources

    I received a review copy from OP of 5 natural links. All the links were super niche relevant in sites (forums) having up to million visits per month. The threads were recent and with quite an interactions. All the links were doo-foollow and Average DA was around 50 and PA around 30. The linked...
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