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  1. MsMoneyMagnet

    *** Happy B'day to our new MOD crazyflx ***

    Happy birthday dude-bro-dude!
  2. MsMoneyMagnet

    Application Declined by Maxbounty

    I know of someone who got accepted into Maxbounty and they were from Nigeria. The guy got denied for the same reason OP did and after he whined about it on WF, one of the AMs saw the post, told him to apply again or whatever and then he got accepted. If someone from Nigeria can get into...
  3. MsMoneyMagnet

    Who can guess what this picture is?

    My former Supervisor :D
  4. MsMoneyMagnet

    Is money the root of all evil?

    Money is not the root of all evil but it sure can solve a lot of problems NOT having money causes. :p
  5. MsMoneyMagnet

    Man Crashes $380k Lambo Hours After Winning It In Contest

    ...and the plot thickens!
  6. MsMoneyMagnet

    Wanna see something cool?

    It's a sailboat, right? :D
  7. MsMoneyMagnet

    Usa govt has started stealing sites...

    Of course you shouldn't be stealing. The government HATES competition! :rolleyes:
  8. MsMoneyMagnet

    [PIC] Parenting done right | Just for the lulz.

    14s still pretty young...
  9. MsMoneyMagnet

    Imbecile drivers that hit cars in parkings

    Sorry to hear that bro. I think the only way to prevent this from happening to you is to bring someone and ask them to sit in the car and wait for you while you go shopping or whatever. They can bring a book, laptop, or whatever to keep themselves entertained. I know it sounds hokey but...
  10. MsMoneyMagnet

    Describe BHW in one picture

    Hope you don't mind if I add a little spin Kickflip. Awesome pic BTW ;)
  11. MsMoneyMagnet

    How much money should you invest to start a career in IM

    It all depends on what you want to do. Do you want to sell info products (your own or someone else's)? Provide services? Do CPA? Amazon affiliate? Whatever it may be, a good rule of thumb is to invest an amount of money you don't mind losing in case if what you try to do doesn't work out...
  12. MsMoneyMagnet

    Describe BHW in one picture

    This was one of the first things that came to mind :D
  13. MsMoneyMagnet

    Famous YouTuber Robbed...

    Send this guy an invite here so he can learn to REALLY make money from You tube :D
  14. MsMoneyMagnet

    Hitler's Reaction To Panda Update - My 1000th post

    I LOL'ed too! Funny stuff! :rockon:
  15. MsMoneyMagnet

    Where should I buy domain names

    Namecheap has always been good to me. Their prices are reasonable and they don't upsell the crap out of you like go daddy and you get free privacy from them too.
  16. MsMoneyMagnet

    Content Locking-How Much Are You Making?

    You mean you were making $3000 a month before and now you're down to $800 because 2 of your methods failed? What happened, did you get sandboxed or slapped? As for me, I just got CLP2 and am figuring things out for myself. I look forward to seeing what everyone else shares with us. I know...
  17. MsMoneyMagnet

    cpa without getting banned

    Yeah, what kind of videos are you uploading?
  18. MsMoneyMagnet

    Beaten with a belt for using the internet (NSFL)

    I couldn't bring myself to watch this video but the asswipe is now under investigation for this. If this video isn't enough to nail this bastage to the wall, I don't know what the hell is! :mad2:
  19. MsMoneyMagnet

    How did this guy on Fiverr Make this Video?

    For extra credit, please share your findings here with us? :D
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