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  1. doubley0u

    ⭐ Real USA Instagram Followers ⭐

    Would love a review copy please
  2. doubley0u

    Buying REAL Followers?

    Yes you can via giveaway campaigns where followers are incentivized to follow a list of accounts in order to enter/win. I run campaigns like this very frequently and can provide ~1k followers every other day. Followers are Majority USA(40%). Rest is mixed international.
  3. doubley0u

    Ogads not converting - Only Clicks no Conversation

    what content locker theme are you using? if you are using anything else than new1 and get mostly mobile traffic it’s that
  4. doubley0u

    Best Rapper of all time according to You...

    Tough call between Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Mos Def, and the Wu Tang Clan. Ladder considered as one entity. The eloquence of almost every member is incredible and their diversity brings a uniquely smooth dynamic to their tracks Nas and Kendrick have incredible storytelling skills. Like when nas is...
  5. doubley0u

    Re-dm all open chats

    I’m looking for a dm bot that can send a message to open chats. Jarvee doesn’t do a good job at all on that and dmpilot didn’t get updated lately and seems to be not functioning either. Any other bots out there able to do this? Need up to 10k-20k+ previous chats messaged (at least 2-5k per day...
  6. doubley0u

    Overcoming Geo limitations on Tiktok

    a while ago it worked fine to simply remove sim card and then connect to vpn. After quitting app and opening again you should see instantly that you’re seeing stuff from your desired location. also posts got shown in that region too. But haven’t tried in a while so possibly fixed. *removing sim...
  7. doubley0u

    Instagram Automation 2021?!

    actually memes is one of the few niches where followers from “follow everyone we follow” giveaways you can buy per k actually work pretty well if you convert them decently (with good content and frequent but not spammy posting) they run daily and do up to 5k+ a day with more than half USA demos...
  8. doubley0u

    Jarvee alternative to auto reply instantly

    Repliying is completely different to spamming random accounts. Might have found something, did 3k replies in 2h with no issues. Will see if I can use it reliably in the next couple days
  9. doubley0u

    Jarvee alternative to auto reply instantly

    yeah gets action blocked very quickly, macro still lasting longer. So many bots only have the option to send dms to new followers but i really need it to send to pending message requests. That’s the only feature i’m looking fore. dm replies to pending message requests supporting spintax and...
  10. doubley0u

    Jarvee alternative to auto reply instantly

    Hey, recently jarvee is really not working that well any more for my purposes. I need to accept and reply to pending message requests or previous conversations , many of them per day. Usually it was easily possible to reply to a couple k dms per day but not with jarvee. since macro and browser...
  11. doubley0u

    Need some users scraped on ig

    need a list of accounts of a certain size(100k-300k) and niche scraped. Ideally removing all accounts our that aren’t posting in english too from that list. Need asap, don’t know market value of this service but I’m surely willing to pay above average if it’s getting done quick and as I...
  12. doubley0u

    Keitaro TDS help

    Need someone who knows how to use Keitaro TDS. Software is installed on a vps and domain + ssl certificate added. Need the system to run as soon as possible and basically need someone who can set up an example as I need it to be in the end and quickly instruct me about 1-2 things. Budget 30-50$...
  13. doubley0u

    [JV] My 1M+ follower Instagram account + your method of monetisation

    easy! You should make thousands a month. contact me here or on telegram @doubley0u and we can talk about a couple of methods
  14. doubley0u

    how to send a crazy amount of DMs a day??

    just focus on getting lots of dm requests on one account instead of contacting people from hundreds of accounts. way better conversion rate + it’s efficient if you have found something that pulls lot of dm requests
  15. doubley0u

    how to send a crazy amount of DMs a day??

    just have them DM you first. you can answer a shitton dm requests a day on ig without any issues
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