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  1. Roger Marquez

    Who has a premium account on I need a book from there

    I need this ebook: Getting Naked: A Business Fable About Shedding The Three Fears That Sabotage Client Loyalty Thanks in advance!
  2. Roger Marquez

    How can I index all these pages [ See what happen]

    Google crawls/discover URLs and takes measures as to whether or not it should include those URLs in its index. So, having said that, you need to: Dive deep into each of the statuses as to why Google unilaterally decided NOT to include them into their index Although not every status is a...
  3. Roger Marquez

    Pages with Redirect

    I am guessing you´re referring to the Not-Indexed status inside GSC? If that´s the case, not every status in there is an actual issue. So, we would need to evaluate every redirect to determine whether or not it should be there. If this is the "issue" that is bothering you, there are no...
  4. Roger Marquez

    ChatGPT DALL·E 3's Unbelievable Output

    Is pretty decent and obviously getting better but its far from being "unbelievable". Or, we have different understandings of the meaning of that word.
  5. Roger Marquez

    Want some free Gust posting websites

    Getting links from a free guest posting website? - HEAVILY!
  6. Roger Marquez

    Want some free Gust posting websites

    No it won´t.
  7. Roger Marquez

    What Should I Do to Improve Topical Authority?

    Exhaustively cover as many topics as possible within your niche/industry/market and strategically use internal links. But, don´t do this "in bulk", make sure each piece of content you´re putting out there on the internet really showcases and demonstrates your authority in your field. Heavily...
  8. Roger Marquez

    Topical Authority Question

    I am assuming by "volume" you mean "traffic" or are you referring to the target/main/primary keyword having zero search volume? Either way, why would you publish something and set it as noindex? - This sends a bad/mixed signal to Google. But, to your question, the fact the post has a noindex...
  9. Roger Marquez

    [QUESTION] Is there a way to bypass GSC 1,000 row limit export?

    Unfortunately, no. If that was the case, I could have just crawl the site using screaming frog + GSC API but these URLs are being created dynamically through a script that is fetching the data from a 3rd party. That´s actually what I want to do tho, create a manual sitemap with all those URLs...
  10. Roger Marquez

    [QUESTION] Is there a way to bypass GSC 1,000 row limit export?

    As the title says, I am currently working on a job board website that fetches all its job listings through a 3rd party. Many of these URLs are being created automatically so they don´t live or are published on the site´s backend but they are triggering a not-indexing status. I need to dive into...
  11. Roger Marquez

    [Free Script Again] - BlogPro's Keyword Clustering Script - Using Topic Modeling

    @BlogPro Thanks a lot for taking the time not only to build and offer the script for free but to run tests and actually offer something that is worth bookmarking. If I may share a couple of insights: The label for the keyword cluster group is a number? - Can it be a phrase relevant to the...
  12. Roger Marquez

    Persona for AI generated blog

    The more context you can feed the AI the better the outcome.
  13. Roger Marquez

    I need plugin that provides bulk wordpress title change via chatgbt api

    WP Export does this for you, then use a free Google Sheet add-on to connect to OpenAI through their API key and massively update any HTML tag you want. Not just page titles, meta descriptions, image alt tags, etc. Then export it to RankMath and boom! You´re done! I mean, you can even export the...
  14. Roger Marquez

    internal links properly

    In the words/lexico of Screaming Frog, I have two words for you...InLinks and OutLinks. Oh and make sure to heavily focus on contextual anchor texts...cheers!
  15. Roger Marquez

    Best voice to write in for topical authority?

    writing style/tone of voice has very little to do (if any at all) with topical authority. The concept of topical authority refers to (among other things like content quality) when a site fully covers a topic as a whole. Basically, if you want Google to look at you as an authority on your...
  16. Roger Marquez

    Anyone freelance on Upwork?

    You don´t need to have posted a job in order to get invitations to apply for a job offer or even getting hired. All you need is for your profile to be active. Fishy Most likely I´ve seen my fair share of shady things in Upwork but that happens everywhere. People will always try to bypass the...
  17. Roger Marquez

    I need plugin that provides bulk wordpress title change via chatgbt api

    I don´t know of any plugin that can do this but the best way I can think of is to leverage the import feature of Rank Math to bulk change/update HTML tags like, for example, page titles. So, you will need to export all the meta data from your WordPress website and paste it inside a Google...
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