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  1. ch8878

    How is this gaming channel monetized?

    Doesn't seem that way. Plenty of massive no commentary channels that's just gameplay without adding value.
  2. ch8878

    How is this gaming channel monetized?

    MKIceAndFire has 3 million subs with no commentary, editing, or adding any educational value.
  3. ch8878

    How to start getting views on YouTube?

    Link don't work.
  4. ch8878

    FREE Logo / Business Card Designs

    If you have anymore spots I'll take one. Mine would be something simple.
  5. ch8878

    Free Review Copies in exchange for the review

    I would like to see the logos anyways.
  6. ch8878

    Tumblr Page Authority Increased to 30 by Rebloging?

    How many did you need before you started seeing results?
  7. ch8878

    Best Torrent Downloading Site for Movies????

    You're better off buying a script. There might even be some free ones.
  8. ch8878

    A little experiment with Twitter

    New twitter accounts are shadowbanned for 7 days. I can confirm from multiple accounts.
  9. ch8878

    Looking for partner that has a Aged Paypal Account We Split 50/50

    I'm interested. I've had an account with PayPal since its first year.
  10. ch8878

    Amazing Graphics (logo -Banners -Social Covers) and Web Designing services start at $9

    I received my logo and I'm really happy with it. Forgot how hard it is to explain to someone what you want, but he was able to come through.
  11. ch8878

    Amazing Graphics (logo -Banners -Social Covers) and Web Designing services start at $9

    Its not done check your PM. You must of understand me wrong.
  12. ch8878

    Photoshop Expert Service By Chamara

    Do you have samples? Also can you make cartoon characters?
  13. ch8878

    Free YouTube Likes [ 25+ Likes ] [ To Every BHW Members ]

    Count me in if you're still offering.
  14. ch8878

    Youtube Dominator Campaign : Now Rank Your Youtube Videos Super Fast

    How are your videos ranking?
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