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  1. Postercamp

    RankerX issues

    Not sure if thats exist. But its simply gonna create backlinks exactly as diagram draws. Actually its been a while since I imported target sites I found and my seo server is going to be destroyed soon. Moved to new server with different purpose. You can dm me if you want some little help in my...
  2. Postercamp

    RankerX issues

    1. When importing new list, you dont categorize them. RankerX will. It will scan what platform the sites are. 2. Indexers are not stable, never been. You gotta keep testing and testing. 3. I mostly created my own diagram. I like to use just one site at a time at particular tier, not repeating...
  3. Postercamp

    Nyprox | Data Center Proxies | 0.020$ / Proxy | Unlimited Bandwidth | Http/s & Socks5

    How many computers I can connect at one package of your proxy?
  4. Postercamp

    Never underestimate the Power of Quality Backlinks...

    Nice one! So you bought about 15 links to get to this point? How much the cost average per link you got?
  5. Postercamp

    3rd Party API Apps for Twitter Dead: Includes TwitterDub

    Twitterdub is using browser not api. Been using it for scraping just fine. Seems the problem is on your accounts. Or your machine. Or just your settings
  6. Postercamp

    [JOURNEY] Testing the Power of Consistency

    Keep update this thread please. You inspiring lot of people here
  7. Postercamp

    [JOURNEY] Testing the Power of Consistency

    I do sometimes feel the same. Prob most of us here too. Gotta pick one way and grind till last blood last sweat. I think youd be better make it as HQ as possible Best of luck OP!
  8. Postercamp

    [Giveaway] FREE Keyword Research Report For your blog (I have a Ubersuggest Subscription)

    "I need a free Ubersuggest Keyword Research Report"
  9. Postercamp

    Has anyone achieved more than 10000 page views daily on a blog with only AI content ?

    Thats whats called pure motivation right there
  10. Postercamp

    Passive Income, No Investment, Just Earnings: Make Money Every Day with Your Unused Domains

    I have some domains lying around. Send me details please
  11. Postercamp

    RankerX has bad customer service (in my experience)

    It is super advanced. According to other tools I been used. GSA, XRumer. Close similar to SEOautopilot. But I do agree they dont like suggestions much, especially complains lol But I think I bought the lifetime license as I can remember. Its been 2 years now and I got no billed ever again.
  12. Postercamp

    Need keywords for GSA Website Contact selling Jasper AI

    Just pick one niche and scrape keywords using scrapebox or Ahrefs. Anyway I think Jasper become so expensive now after chatgpt comes to public
  13. Postercamp

    Can I sell peoples courses for much cheaper? (Access to 100+ courses)

    This is worse that can really happen
  14. Postercamp

    How to push medium keywords onto page 2 in 10 days with SEO tools

    Nice one there. Is it fresh domain? Expired domain? Auction?
  15. Postercamp

    I random made 1150$ with affiliate marketing

    Its a direct link to the offer or you make a landing page for it?
  16. Postercamp

    How many articles do you add in an average day?

    How much traffic per month on that site? And total articles?
  17. Postercamp

    Scraping Emails from Google Search Results

    Scrapebox can do this. It has email scraper too. Yes you have to have really massive proxies. Prefer rotating 4G to bypass G captcha
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