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  1. NicolaeP

    Your Instagram + My external advertisements

  2. NicolaeP

    ☑️【 Kraven the PBN'S Hunter 】☑️ Premium Powerful PBN Blogs - Best for General / Casino sites - ☑️ DA upto 50+ & ☑️ DR upto 40+ Starting ...

    I received from the OP as review copy a link from Kraven's the PBN Hunter service. DA 50 DR 50 Spam Score 0. The link is inserted naturally in an article on my niche. The site is updated frequently. TAT is very fast!
  3. NicolaeP

    Which came first?

    Ok Dinosaurs laid eggs. But wich came firs eggs or Dinosaurs?
  4. NicolaeP

    My journey to find my way

    I created this thread to motivate me and keep me focused. I usually set my sights high, get my plan right and every time I fail miserably at sticking to it. So I'm hoping that maybe with a little help from you and maybe some new ideas I can carry out my plan, even if it probably won't turn out...
  5. NicolaeP

    What does it feel like to be a millionaire?

    It's sucks...
  6. NicolaeP

    (FREE REVIEW COPY) TikTok verified account (bluetick)

    Very interested. If you want a fair and accurate review I'm very interested.
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