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  1. Steptoe

    Scrapebox cant scrape emails

    For starters, check your proxies are still working. Scraping issues tend to be down to proxy issues, so it's best to check fundamentals first before digging into the parser etc.
  2. Steptoe

    Scrapebox Vs Easycontactbot

    Considering Easy Contact Bot doesn't exist (it's domain redirects to a GSA affiliate url), Scrapebox wins here. There's still a huge gap in the market though for a Scrapebox alternative that you can parse/execute javascript with, to help scraping those pesky dynamically generated pages and...
  3. Steptoe

    ✅ [] Bulk Do-Follow Contextual Links, 33% off for BHW Members

    Link to sample report and coupon code sent to your PM. Black Friday discount is now deactivated - sorry if you missed out! Want do-follow contextual backlinks on sites / platforms / domains that are not covered by the standard SEO link building tools and services? All custom-built scripts...
  4. Steptoe

    # in the url

    If you're worried about the influx of urls, you could noindex any pagination from the 2nd page onwards. For internal linking to your products, you could have 'related products' sections on each product page, or blog posts discussing groups of products, sprinkled with links to products that are...
  5. Steptoe

    What is the best way to get a backlink from Wikipedia?

    The easiest way is to find Wikipedia pages in your niche that have missing citations. Add a page on your site that covers the information that the Wikipedia page is missing a citation for, and add a link to this new page as the citation. Of course, sprinkle in links to your main pages/hubs in...
  6. Steptoe

    Question - PBN backlinks pointing to http://www... should i move to https?

    Take the hit, if indeed there is one. Not having SSL enabled on your domains will never be a positive signal.
  7. Steptoe

    Javascript based internal linking

    Google can render javascript, but it's costlier and so it tends to be a multi-step process for them to do so, eg crawl page > find javascript to execute > send to queue for later re-crawling to execute javascript The priority that the will give to javascript rendering will depend on the relative...
  8. Steptoe

    # in the url

    In my experience they won't follow urls dynamically written with a hash #. I take it your paginated pages are created via a javascript call? Better to see if your CMS will create either static pages or accept /category/page4 type urls instead. Otherwise you'll be needing to create more internal...
  9. Steptoe

    ✅ [] Bulk Do-Follow Contextual Links, 33% off for BHW Members

    Link to sample report and coupon codes have been sent off to your PMs.
  10. Steptoe

    I tested my first GSA SER project. Did it work?

    Zero means zero. Have you given it any target urls to post to?
  11. Steptoe

    any indexed service?

    I stand by the results I got in my test linked above - the service levels remain similar from what I've been observing. I'll be running the study again in the first few months of 2024 with all existing and any new providers on BHW.
  12. Steptoe

    Can people with non technical background learn SEO?

    There are definitely levels to SEO knowledge and it's perfectly possible to learn theory and tool usage without any tech background, but your friend will hit a ceiling sooner or later. I always recommend people working in the SEO industry at least have knowledge of HTML and how the web works...
  13. Steptoe

    [Journey] Surviving Semantic SEO

    The guy's language is far too forced, and I'm pretty sure he's playing off English not being his first language (I'm taking about Korey here). His whole shtick is to overcomplicate simple concepts and be overly verbose in trying to convey maybe one or two actual points of information. I wish...
  14. Steptoe

    ✅ [] Bulk Do-Follow Contextual Links, 33% off for BHW Members

    Link to sample report and coupon codes sent to your PMs. Thanks for reporting this! It looks to have been a firewall issue in this case, but I will be going through logs and running some additional tests this afternoon.
  15. Steptoe

    Question about HAF section

    The thread in question has probably been moved to HAF from another sub-forum by one of the mods, and while it was in the original sub-forum anyone will have been able to comment on it.
  16. Steptoe

    Anyone knows a tool to check page's traffic in realtime?

    You won't be able to access a website's live traffic unless you have access to their analytics/whatever stats package they use account details, or their server logs. You might be able to get accurate traffic if the site in question has connected their GA4 account to similarweb - you can check...
  17. Steptoe

    Do you block DataForSEO's crawler on your PBN sites?

    There comes to a point where you might as well block everything except Google ASN (minus inspect tools) from your own PBNs.
  18. Steptoe

    ✅ [] Bulk Do-Follow Contextual Links, 33% off for BHW Members

    Last few days of our Black Friday Sale! Use the code: BHWFRIDAY for 50% discount on any orders Expires on December 1st 2023 If you want to see samples or have any other questions please PM me. Go Go Go!
  19. Steptoe

    can I use third-party content in my blog post?

    Of course! Third party content, especially Tweets, is pretty much 50% or more of most newspaper articles nowadays anyway.
  20. Steptoe

    Great tactic to bulk out your article count

    Yep I agree. But if you're not currently using AI some place in your workflow you're at risk of falling behind. Exactly, might as well piggy-back on work that has already been done. Gives you more time to improve on it. The sheer hate on some SEO and AI-related posts is shocking sometimes...
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