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  1. jamie3000

    What is the most important attribute of an affiliate marketer?

    The willingness and ability to learn new skills
  2. jamie3000

    Opening an online casino

    Honestly, I'd just start as an affiliate. Once you know the industry really well and have enough capital and have the right connections then you can try and cut out the middleman. Plus, if you are smart, by then you'll have a big email list of people that bet to launch with.
  3. jamie3000

    Scrapebox cant scrape emails

    I think this would go in black hat tools section maybe?
  4. jamie3000

    YOUTUBE VS Google

    What is your niche roughly? Or are you just starting out?
  5. jamie3000

    URL shortener that can pass under radar of reddit, youtube and facebook?

    You could do a JavaScript redirect on a few Tumblr's
  6. jamie3000

    Opening a Thai Massage Salon

    You mean 10k per month passively?
  7. jamie3000

    ❌ SAY BYE BYE TO YOUR COMPETITORS ⭐️ Crowdo Foundation Package ✅ Paid Resources Included ✅From $1.6/Link! ▶️

    Got 16 links as a review copy. Content is good and there are some really nice high traffic websites here. Even an .edu website. Metrics range from DA 35 to 94. I expect traffic to be high on all these sites. These sorts of links are great to make your backlink profile look more diverse...
  8. jamie3000

    Grand Theft Ventures |Outrank your competitors with Combo of Traffic posts & Niche edit |Traffic 30K+|DA 50+|RD 3000+ - Bonus links inside!!

    I received a review copy in exchange for a review below: 1) Site was niche related 2) Content was very good 3) I could see other monetization methods so that makes me belive the site does get real traffic and its not just a link farm 3) Site looked really good, SSL, pro theme, good layout...
  9. jamie3000

    Access to my suite of SEO/IM tools for $0. Pay NOTHING. No catches - LIMITED TIME + BONUS

    Just building a decent sized user base :-)
  10. jamie3000

    This person is getting 5 million visitors a month 99% is direct traffic?

    Haha imagine that. 15k a month from referral traffic from posts about "how is this website getting traffic". OP, does push traffic show a referral source?
  11. jamie3000

    Waddup fellas!!

    Hello mate, we've not seen you in ages!
  12. jamie3000

    Why do Reddit people think they are slick

    Because people that hang around on Reddit generally have no life. Sorry if that offends anyone, but it seems to be true in my experience.
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