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    From A To Z: How To Create The Perfect Niche Site - Shark Tark Version

    Very comprehensive and well thought out share. Thanks for that extra effort
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    25 useful AI tools to elevate yourself.

    Thank you very much for that
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    Am working on a method that allows advertisers on FB advertise for 40% less LEGALLY - Your advise!

    It would be a tough sell because no one is going to believe it, even with guarantees .Give it for free to be BHW and they will kick the hell out of it and if it works give you endorsements that can be used to sell it
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    This Site Lists AI Tools

    Thanks very much for the share
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    Best Tools & Resources for Online Entrepreneurs

    a big thank you for that!
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    Anyone got any idea on how I can take advantage of the fact that I'm living in a country where the average wage is like $350 a month, for a porn biz?

    find a female who already has the camera equipment. JV - you do the production and marketing, she performs. See if porn in your country is underserved. Set ip membership subscriptions and merchandise her to fans. When you've got enough funds, buy your own equipment
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    What business would you start if you had half a million dollars ?

    look at Walker Deibel's book "Buy then Build" or old school anything by Arnold Goldstein. It's what private equity funds do all the time and how Warren Buffett started Berkshire Hathaway
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    What business would you start if you had half a million dollars ?

    don't start anything. Buy an existing business with a track record, systematize it, and bring in a professional manager to run it. Repeat
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    How to make money from email marketing.

    if you truly have such a tool, offer it on a subscription basis (e.g. SAAS). But in USA have to be careful of CANSPAM act
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    Best place to find workers for copy and paste into forms?

    try Amazon mechanical turk
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    So, my hillbilly girlfriend's cat dies last night.

    what??? throw the cat in a garbage bag, hide it; wait for next pickup day, and put it in a neighbor's receptacle. Then lie your ass off.
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    Has anyone ever worked in a business developer role?

    if your company is US based and has been paying less than 500 W2 employees thru any part of the pandemic then the relief program described in this Forbes article (shortened url) could give them the easy to get funds for you to say "these funds will pay my...
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    Free udemy courses - IM

    thanks for that
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