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  1. ranga

    A college student created an app that can tell whether AI wrote an essay

    All AI detectors are based on a human trait i.e. humans don't write predictive text. If AI is trained to write unpredictably majority of the tools fail. Also, there is lots of hype over these tools without substance i.e. Google currently don't ban good quality AI content. AI is a disruption...
  2. ranga

    BTC My Technical Analysis

    BTC has broken above 19600 levels, breaking a strong resistance and testing 21200 resistance, it has also broken over 200 and 50 days MA. Its volumes are also strong on the upside. So chances of it breaking up and entering a new bull phase is very high and risk reward ratios are in favour of the...
  3. ranga

    What do you think about angry artists about AI?

    market doesn't care about emotions, it does what it does. Lots of content writers are angry and not getting jobs. Lots of crypto investors are angry. So what market doesn't care.
  4. ranga

    OpenAI API errors

    yeah lots of errors after launch of Chat GPT, the errors are 503, not due to flooding issues
  5. ranga

    AI and the destruction of Search Engine aka Google

    @AliceInSEOLand whenever disruption comes, there are chances for new players to jump in the bandwagon. for e.g. no new manufacturer entered into ICE cars, but once EV technology started new players like Tesla, Ola etc entered the fray because traditional manufacturers had no additional...
  6. ranga

    AI and the destruction of Search Engine aka Google

    @AliceInSEOLand it's a debate and it's ok if some people do get offended when their point of view is attacked. I am not one of them. I know that there are limitations to AI, if there were not limitations then we would not be talking about it as it will be present. for e.g. we are now not...
  7. ranga

    AI and the destruction of Search Engine aka Google

    AI doesn't scrape search engines, its fed articles by its researchers and BING is now incorporating ChatGPT in search results, so it will get an indexing and search results backend. So, it can become self aware /s I agree too for short term but in future, it will overtake it. Once, it does the...
  8. ranga

    Which jobs are going to be replaced by AI first?

    Power lies in predicting the future, what is present everyone knows. - Me
  9. ranga

    AI and the destruction of Search Engine aka Google

    IMHO AI is the next big disruption in Search Engine space. Yep, the same search engine aka Google you are currently using AI to write content for may not exist in next few years. ChatGPT has shown the capability of an AI to answer queries more specifically and with better explanation than what...
  10. ranga

    How does Google identify AI content?

    The debate is over 2 point and 1 decision: 1. Google can/cannot detect AI content reliably without penalising human content: IMHO they have much more advanced system than we can imagine, so they can do it if necessary keeping error rate low. Error rate will be there but Google has to bring it...
  11. ranga

    Which jobs are going to be replaced by AI first?

    AI will replace most low skilled jobs and technical jobs with less complexity (aka content writing, small level coding, book keeping, Teachers etc.) and it will become a Tool or Assistant to high paying jobs (aka Doctor, Architects, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants etc.) In future, when before...
  12. ranga

    Rest api for posting

    This is what ChatGPT gave me
  13. ranga

    Rest api for posting

    n8n is like zapier but open source check
  14. ranga

    Google This is Not Done

    I was not tracking it much, but the site is practically dead as per semrush. It took another drop and is now scraping the bottom. It's not my site so can't help them. The question is not if they should do it. The question is WHY? Why they should be required to clean up a mess created by...
  15. ranga

    Gpt-X/Bloom: How generate niche fresh content

    1. fine tune, if up want to bring it upto date, but if its constantly changing, won't help 2. give data as context, use TLDR on the content you want GPT3 to write about, then use that as context when writing.
  16. ranga

    【Sartre's Second Journey】Taking an AI site from $1,000/mo to $30k/mo in 2023. LET'S GO!!! ⏪⏪⏪

    that's a cracker of a journey. btw, what's your backlinking strategy.