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  1. samutm

    Zippyshare Shutting Down ||| Another ded project

    "see you in another life brother"
  2. samutm

    Google screwed ( again)

    Turkish google is the same. I posted a thread and no one cared :) I'm not against spam but this kind of spam is ruins everything.
  3. samutm

    Google is Shit for This Spammers - Another Spam Website 4.3M Traffic
  4. samutm

    Millions of Google Index in a few days, Can anyone explain?
  5. samutm

    Journey Newbie - Linkvertise

    don't waste your traffic with linkvertise. try adult cpa networks such as lospollos, adverten, zeydoo etc.
  6. samutm

    Turkish Google Search is Infected

    There will always be spam, but what really scares me is that no one cares about these sites. if you use twitter tweet about this problem and tag them @NicheDown @NicheSiteLady @rustybrick @JohnMu @NicheCampus @nichepursuits @Ldnbox @kksniche @Marie_Haynes
  7. samutm

    What happening in Google?
  8. samutm

    Turkish Google Search is Infected

    now I get it why you are so aggressive. you have similar business. or maybe you are responsible of these shitty things. argo-content ha :)
  9. samutm

    Turkish Google Search is Infected

    one guy said the script selling on bhw. did you encounter it? I think they are doing big mistake. It will be their end to mess with the American google.
  10. samutm

    Turkish Google Search is Infected

    It's not limited Turkish Searches: Indian: USA: They rank Craigslist vermont keyword LOL this link not redirect ads
  11. samutm

    How this black hat method work in 2023
  12. samutm

    Hi~! Does any adult web site owner share expeience?

    try adsterra ads. they ads are annoying but you can earn more.
  13. samutm

    Turkish Google Search is Infected

    If there was a low-impact blackhat strategy, I sure wouldn't reveal it. but now Turkish google searches are destroyed.
  14. samutm

    Turkish Google Search is Infected

    I hope bhw's blackhat experts will take a look to reveal how they did it.
  15. samutm

    Turkish Google Search is Infected

    hello guys, Turkish google searches have been literally infected with sites like below. What is your opinion about these sites? Do you see such sites in your local languages? some example domains: - - - -
  16. samutm

    Facebook Virus Ads

    How do they get ads like this approved? When I try to advertise for my affiliate link, they get banned permanently. when I click button this file downloaded
  17. samutm

    Journey to earn atleast 500$ per week with facebook.

    best comment ever = Thanks for nothing?
  18. samutm

    Reddit ban wave - heads up

    what is JAP?
  19. samutm

    Reddit ban wave - heads up

    My 3 accounts get banned. Big cleanup happening.
  20. samutm

    lospollos earnings drop drastically

    a few times i sent all my traffic to lospollos for test. Then I sent the same traffic to two different networks. No problems with other networks. Lospollos definitely has problems. I am not getting the conversion as it should be. I hope it gets better in the new year because I love lospollos.