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  1. kingvestor

    I don't understand people who use ChatGPT

    from the screen capture result alone, I am convinced to not use QuillBot
  2. kingvestor

    tik tok stitch method

    So you stitch another viral video, and your videos also become viral?
  3. kingvestor

    Chatgpt vs

    for $42, chat gpt is cheaper than Jasper however it seems lack many features
  4. kingvestor

    jarvee still good?

    Have you tried instadub ?
  5. kingvestor

    Should I upgrade to windows 11 ?

    It is good, almost like macos
  6. kingvestor

    IG reels with better quality?

    Have anyone tried to post using the IG app on Mac ? The outcome should have been the same as the iPhone version since both run apple chip
  7. kingvestor

    Google Drive monitors the media contents of your files

    That is why I use OneDrive combined with the file password.
  8. kingvestor

    Marketing for Online Travel Agency

    I used to have OTA back in 2016-2019(I liquidated it because of covid), and the best traffic I get is from IG's influencers, specifically in the traveling niche
  9. kingvestor

    Jarvee alternative for Instagram, Twitter & Tiktok

    I use Instadub until early 2021 but quit Instagram since then
  10. kingvestor

    My father passed away 2 weeks ago, here's what it thought me...

    Deep condolences @MrSponge, I know the feeling, I lost my father when I was a teenager and now I am still thinking about him.
  11. kingvestor

    Youtube blackhat idea, make 2000$ a day

    It can be done with one time 10-15k investment and some 2k monthly operating cost on tier 3, I don't know about tier 1 cost but should be 2-3x higher
  12. kingvestor

    RIP Jarvee

    back to mass planner days after all, but the difference is back then this tool did wonder
  13. kingvestor

    Food for Thought: How I Turned Vending Machines Into A $300K Business

    I don't know, but I think there is some miscalculation, 300k gross with 30% on product stocks, 10% on wages,10% miscellaneous, and 50% net profit seems not right for me. He doesn't calculate rent and tax, his net profit is way lower than 50%.
  14. kingvestor

    What do you think about this method?

    If you do that plainly then it wont work since it is no longer 2012. There should have been a lot ot tweaks,
  15. kingvestor

    Can't use paypal, losing clients

    I guess you live in Indonesia ? Wait for a week cause I feel the government will change their stance
  16. kingvestor

    Is this legal ?

    I think so, this case as an example:
  17. kingvestor

    Jarvee VS Socinator. Which one is best?

    do people still use these outdated softwares?
  18. kingvestor

    What products will sell well if war breaks out?

    1. Plane tickets to neutral countries 2. First aid kits 3. Canned foods 4. Building tools and material (to make bunker)
  19. kingvestor


    Interested, Happy Christmas⛄