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    How ppl make money with Gift Cards?! [2000 card everyday]?

    Selling gift cards would be a terrible form of money laundering as it's not at all going to hide the digital footprint that leads straight to you. Either A. that's not happening or B. it is happening but to a significantly small degree compared to the market size because only inexperienced...
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    Were should i invest my 8k ?

    I think the answers obvious...Fidget spinners.
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    have an ebay account? Make 1 dollar easy

    I sell stuff. I found a good deal on bubblewrap but it's 1 per customer/account -i link you to item -you purchase it and set shipping to my address on checkout -take screenshot of order completion screen and I reimburse you immediately -give me tracking when it's uploaded and I send you $1 via...
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    Can anyone lift eBay selling limits?

    I've seen various services for this, just search threads
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    How is this possible ($1.99 free shipping)

    Depends on what the item is and the shipping method being used if its a smaller, thin item then they very likely are sending these out in a stamped envelope (.49 cents + cost of envelope) and no tracking or if it's a new/small account they may just be taking losses to build feedback
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    Can i pay my credit card bill using paypal debit card?

    Are you sure you actually paid via debit and didn't accidently use the "pay with paypal credit card and pay no interest for X months!" deal they always show now?
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    Ebay - buyer protection?

    if the case has not been decided (in your favor) yet, then yes, if you pull out the funds and then the buyer win and gets the refund, ebay will try to deduct the funds from your paypal. When this happens, if you're account does not have the proper funds they will try to take the funds from your...
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    looking for someone to advertise / generate traffic for me

    Looking for someone who has knowledge in generating (legitimate, interested, non-junk) traffic for my ebay store. Pricing things out and seeing what options I have available right now, ready to start once I'm satisfied. details: 99.99% listings are Buy It Now's, -NOT- auctions ebay store...
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    looking for 3d modeler and/or digital artist for long term JV

    wanted to correct something: Turns out I don't believe my name needs to be on the models afterall ty mod for approving
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    looking for 3d modeler and/or digital artist for long term JV

    However I may have a similar lucrative option for digital artists in general as well (We will need to discuss your specific abilities to determine) I am primarily wanting the 3d modeler though Proposition: -You create digital models for me -I monetize them and profits are split 50/50 -you...
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    Buyer claims unauthorized payment in paypal for ebay purchase.

    I would advise you to contact ebay AND paypal (ebay first) and discuss the situation with a rep. the most important thing will be to keep calling back until you get a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER - if its a hajeeb end the conversation or just hang up as they'll be all but useless in this situation...
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    Alibaba Apple Products?

    if you have to ask that, you REALLY need to spend a few hours/days googling for various information, "bootleg info" included. I'd also include watching some youtube videos The question you just asked is a rudimentary and fundamental piece of knowledge for product importing / selling online, and...
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    Looking for chinese wholesalers for long term deal - consignment style

    @Mods: I read the forum rules and took time to consider where to post this, since its a wholesaler I'm after I believe this is the right place (instead of the marketplace). If this was an incorrect thought then my apologies and feel free to close/move as needed. As i've previously mentioned...
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    how to make game hack proof

    you're asking this in completely the wrong way. Without telling and showing us all the details there is absolutely no way anyone can help you. you need to provide: -link to the game -source code to see how things function -the method being used for the cheating results (will be an exploit in...
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    How do you deal with straight up scammers?

    i've always left restrictions out but in the last year or so I've begun to agree with that mindframe. I have the most trouble with buyers under 50 feedback I've always tried to avoid shrinking my target audience, but over the years there's an obviously higher deficit rate with newbie accounts...
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    Ebay - Adresses

    primary shipping address needs to be the locationt he item ships out from. This is preferably going to be the same as the address used for returns as well like toml3030 said, but it's not necessary. for the record - this sort of thing DOES occur, I've had a few customers ship the item back to...
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    Buying feedbacks on Ebay

    I thought the min bid was 99 cents for items? I could be wrong, never checked, but I could swear I've not seen anything lower than 99 cents for years Anyway, as long as the seller hasnt made his listings poorly and thus get flagged by vero, you should be able to buy them without negative...
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    Will Ebay ban me if I have multiple accounts?

    ebay is perfectly fine with you using multiple accounts, in fact they encourage it. with that said, if you share information between accounts (Name, address, bank, paypal, IP address, etc) and one gets banned, they all get banned.
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    Instagram Journey To A Blowjob

    while im a fan and student of PUA, I'm curious to see how you intend to implement SEO and marketing methods normally aimed @ monetisation in order to obtain sex more curious as to how using mass (fake) accounts in no way directly related to you is going to somehow result in a real life sexual...
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    How do you deal with straight up scammers?

    just wanted to chime in to give a thank you to Old Dog for his updates to the cases he was dealing with. I have just started dealing with an issue of a customer I believe is trying to scam me (Bought 50 dollar item, tracking says delivered, he messages me shouting the next day claiming hes been...