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    Has anyone been paid by CJ (Jan) yet?

    just got paid hurrr to
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    Has anyone been paid by CJ (Jan) yet?

    Mine still havent moved into payments yet...should be any day now I would imagine.
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    has anyone got paid this month by cj

    I have not been paid yet, it is my first payment on a new account so hopefully it comes next week! Everythings locked etc... Just waiting for the payment to be sent I hope soon!
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    CJ payment: DD

    I was wondering the same thing. The 20th has passed and I dont show a payment being processed as of today. Has anyone else been paid, yet? Perhaps it will show next week?
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    Car Method that will bank you $500 everyday!

    Couldnt you just post legit ads from say your local classifieds and when you get a lead, run them through the process, and then once you get paid for the credit report, just pass the leads details onto the origional ad owner.?
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    Blanking Referer in contextual advertising

    I dont think there is a referer when using PPV because its just a popup window which is like starting a new browser window. Ocasionally though, I see a weird string in the ref URL field. I suggest using Brads CPA redirector to be safe.
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    PPV URL Targetting?

    Another thought regarding targetting URLS, check out PPC ads...If they are paying likely dollars per click, then paying a few cents for the same click will probably bring in some good ROI. (target the PPC ads URL)
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    What are some other reputable PPIC affiliate companys out there?
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    How To Create Our Own "Angelas" Links

    I think with all her packs, theres like 600 or so links. Im sure she keeps the good ones to her self. FleshJoes method is pretty solid, not only for finding angelas BLs but for any other high ranking article, etc. Just takes time to sort through them all and make sure you can post to the given...
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    Newspapers Directory

    Didnt google have something like this but was later discontinued?
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    How To Create Our Own "Angelas" Links

    I think I may have found it, was it the blackbelt dealy with 500 links and how to get thousands more?
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    Which Non CL methods make you over $100/day

    Thats so true, solid advice!
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    #1 in Go0gle but no traffic?

    Throw that keyword exact match into an adwords campaign with a few ads and uncheck google partners and just use google search and see what level of impressions there are. If there are only like 10-100 a day the adwords data was way way off. if there are hundreds a day, you know you need to...
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    Which Non CL methods make you over $100/day

    I would outsource the creating of mini sites (10 - 15 pages a site) from writing to linking etc. and flip them a few months down the road. With even a few k to invest you could scale up quickly.
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    Angela backlinking, a complete waste of time

    I was thinking the same thing. There must be 1000's more that are not distributed to 5000 people who hit them all at once!
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    <<<<<Angelas And Pauls HIGH PR Backlinks Service Using Custom List>>>>>>

    Good prices, but is there any way to get a few more anchor keywords? Or would I have to order say 2 of the 50Bl packs in order to get in say 6 anchors? Do you accept anything besides paypal? Cheers
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    How To Create Our Own "Angelas" Links

    With the crackdown on many of the sites listed in the ever so popular BL packs, I'd like to create my own list that hasn't been hammered to death. With all her packs, theres only about 600 or so links in total right? It wouldnt take THAT long to compile a solid list of similar quality links...
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    Angela backlinking, a complete waste of time

    Do you have a few links to threads on that topic? Im on a mission to create my own backlink packs, same quality links, without the saturation!
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    What should I sell in a mall kiosk???

    I would browse the aff networks, and chat with AM's to see what offers are doing the best, then try those. Like for example Acai crap is all over, or info prod's like grants and such. Could be worth a shot.
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    Stealing from Google or altervatives. (100% CTR)

    Any update on this? And was that with adbrite or adsense?