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    [ SEMANTIC KEYWORD RESEARCH ] Blog, SaaS, E-commerce and other industry niche business Keywords that Dominate the SERP! ❤️❤️

    I just bought a kw pack from you, dont mind me some free stuff hehe. AMAZON Affiliate ranking Guide - For Our newly updated AMAZON affiliate guide+ Success Tips! ADSENSE ranking Guide - For Our newly updated ADSENSE guide + Success Tips! CPA ranking Guide - For Our newly updated CPA guide +...
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    ✅ Dropshipping with Instagram Shoutouts: A-Z GUIDE on How I Made $51,004.83 in 8 Months!

    BHW NY discount, been years since i bought an ebook. But whatever man your copy convinced me, good work.
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    Wordpress Viral Quiz Plugin To ★Triple★ Your Revenue

    discount code please
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    Do you have to have passion?

    The passion thing is mostly when you're starting out. It's easier to figure out shit if you know your niche well. Easier to work with it and so on.
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    Design a website like Zippyshare or mediafire

    Could hook you up with my coder, his rate is 30$/h and you get top notch stuff.
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    Facebook share and like price

    Nothing, at least not on the actual facebook site.
  7. L Has Arrived!

    Looks like you forgot the country code, it's 44 for the uk i think.
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    My 3-15k monthly story - Movie Streaming niche

    He mans that the server crashes because the load is 2 high (because of your traffic) So pray for it 2 happen indeed lol.
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    Ask Any Mass Emailing Questions

    question 4 from the previous poster i'm intrested in as well. And if you scrape them, do you use external services to check for bounces and such or do you verify the list inhouse so to speak
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    What to do with 3 desktop computers.

    Personally i would prefer to bot low end games, like runescape. I can give you another one, tibia. Still very botable, and with 3 decent computers you can have quite a bit of accounts running at once. And you can even bot as free account (not as much gold/h but still.) Yada yada.
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    Can you play local wifi android Games ,on same vpn same i.p same neT withpeople far away??

    This post wont help you, but first of all it depends on the game, i imagine you mean some sort of local multiplayer function, right? On computers there is himachi. For android i honestly have no idea. But if himachi looks right 2 you then just google himachi for android or something and you...
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    Launching a software downloads website it is worthy in 2015?

    Who cares if its identical apps, the descriptions will be different, no? Spin them or hire someone to rewrite them. Plan to have a good antivirus spidering your database as well. Bundle your downloader with toolbars.
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    BumMarketing, Loamigads Email marketing Journey

    Thanks you psycho, saw you had your journey up as well, good luck :) Day 1. Alot of procastiniation, one of my old clients made me an offer i can't refuse. So i spent some time yesterday building a viral wordpress site in the ppd niche. It should go live today. If it's even remotley...
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    Any Idea About This ?

    Every traffic source will have different results. You can't expect something that preforms well with one provider automatically will preform the same with others. As richestman hinted at, various traffic sources might attract a different demographic
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    BumMarketing, Loamigads Email marketing Journey

    I doubt i'll promote clickbank, i might later on. For now ill produce my own ebooks and sell via e-junkie / similar shopping carts. That's one of the reasons i wanna get into email marketing. I'm sick and tired of relying on google, waiting for affiliate payments and shit like that. I aim to...
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    BumMarketing, Loamigads Email marketing Journey

    So a little about myself. I'm very prone to procastiniation. And right now i need to figure out something new to do. So i will give email marketing a go, and this will be my little thread to keep myself motivated doing this shit, posting results and so on. Basic shit really. I have most of...
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    EU company buying services from outside of EU; VAT?

    In my country you can take the origins countrys vat and substract that from my countries vat. In essence when buying services, importing, whatever we have our set tax. But we're one of the highest taxated countries in the eu and outside of eu aswell, so i dobut the rules will be THAT harsh...
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    Free content sharing sites

    i wouldnt bother either way, the link is locked. Quite bad form if you ask me.
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    Youtube + PPI - $25/day Journey

    You could always buy ready made accounts, they aren't that expensive. There's a few sellers here on bhw