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    Drive my IG followers to another social media?

    Neither. I would get their email address, and do a drip campaign for whatever you're trying to promote. Setup a mobile landing page, and see how you can scale this approach. Within the email, you can always get them to join your Twitter/Facebook. Another good point to make you can upload these...
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    Why do my reddit links disappear straight away?

    You should see it from a different browser or IP. Your site can be shadowed banned or your username. The trick is if your account is banned it doesn't seem like it is.
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    ForumMongoose Market your business to 500 Million Targeted Forum Leads Daily

    Great service. It works like a charm. I highly recommend this service to anyone. Quick delivery!
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    Facebook charging $3/user from november?

    Spammy post that is fake. lol
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    Facebook ads - worth it?

    Ads are worth it. Try for an audience size of 1-2 million. Interest Based. Cheapest form of engagement is mobile (only) if you want to increase likes, etc...
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    How to make a twitter go viral

    You can also favorite ppl in your niche. It's another good way to grow your following.
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    New Instagram method

    Old method, but the main objective to grow your Instagram account by creating engagement is nothing new. I found by commenting on relevant hashtags is the best way to grow your account. Aim for 20 comments in 15-20 min. Take an hour off, and repeat. Enjoy ;)
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    Pr Update by Feb 26th

    It's time!! I can feel the earthquake!!
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    Social Signals Service: A New Era of SEO! by IndianBill and Taktical

    How long does it take for a campaign to start?
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    Best Instagram Auto Like Bot

    The bot that from Ninja Pinner owner is pretty good.
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    Facebook UserId Scraper Tool or Bot

    Social Lead Freak #1 tool
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    All Pinterest users: please read (beta tool)

    PM me if you still need testers. Thank you
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    ZennoPoster 5 - Automate any task in the Internet

    After playing with Zennoposter for 9-10 months here is 2 cent. Amazing tool, but almost impossible to learn. It's like going to a foreign country and trying to ask people for directions, but no one understands your language. It's way too complicated to do something without any direction or help...
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    Authority Press Release Distribution with Google News Listing (FREE PR Writing)

    Are you ever going to email me the complete list of sites? You said you would email me in a week. I emailed you twice already.
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    Authority Press Release Distribution with Google News Listing (FREE PR Writing)

    Shitty Service. Only 20 press releases total. Don't believe the hype. He submits to 125: 30 are dead. 20 are live and rest are waiting for approval which he said he'll send me the updated list. It's been 11 days...
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    Pinterest changes Amazon affiliate links to their own link.

    Old News. It's in their terms of service. They use skimlinks
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    flippa auctions going for pennies - people getting rid of sites after penguin?

    Someone needs to call Batman so he can get rid of this Penguin character. Last I've seen of him was in 1995.
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    [FREE] 3 Pinterest Accounts

    Can i some accounts mate? Thank you
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    Authority Press Release Distribution with Google News Listing (FREE PR Writing)

    XXXX3855F0618384G. I'll email you my details.