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    How I made $58,000+ in 10 months. P.S. I'm pretty much a NOOB.

    Nice! I don't email off of accounts. But it can be a number of things. Most likely one being the IP you mail from being blacklisted. Your conetent being considered as spam after a certain amount of emails. Does our email contain links? First thing I would do is check your home IP here...
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    PinBot Premium 2.0 | Pinterest Automation Software + Money making guides

    My review: First off I have to say I am posting this review with a delay and I am sorry for that. The bot runs really smoothly and if it doesn't support is there to help. I like the interface a lot where all fuctions are separted and timeouts can be set for every function individually. With...
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    PinBot Premium 2.0 | Pinterest Automation Software + Money making guides

    Hey, are review copies still available?
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    Email marketing

    Are they opt in?
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    Interspire/PowerMTA IP Rotation

    Yeah those look like spam folder stats to me. Time is not the only thing required for hitting in the inbox of one of the major domains. I hope you are aware of that ;-) I am not sure how your PMTA is configured. It is possible that the bounces will show up later and PMTA is currently retrying them.
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    Interspire/PowerMTA IP Rotation

    It's highly dependant on the domains you are sending your mails too. Gmail will have other limits and rules as yahoo etc. So no you didn't find the correct info about mailing since its varies significantly. Have these IPs been in use by the marketing business you bought previously? You are more...
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    PowerMTA for Linux.. Impossible?

    It's worth it and its not that easy to come by.
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    Which networks that accept Email Marketing?

    More or less every network does
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    [REQ] 30 DE AutoApprove KeywordLuv Blogs to comment on

    Hello, the title pretty much says it all. I am in need of around 30 .de Autoapprove Blogs which have KeywordLuv plugin to comment on. I know a lot of you probably have these laying aroung in some link list. Best case they have a small mount of outgoing links but I am willing to settle on that...
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    Email Marketing Specialist

    What kind of backend solution are you working with on your dedicated server?
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    Good CPA wordpress theme

    Hi guys, I am planning on launching a new site and I am looking for wordpress theme recommendations. I have been looking for a while now and haven't found anything I like too much. I want the site to be a blog where the homepage/landing page is where the ppc traffic is sent to and the blog is...
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    Making Money With Money?

    I would probably try out paid traffic sources and see if I can get those profitbale. But do your homework on those first and I don't mean reading one crappy WSO!!! Having money to throw at a profitable campaign is one of the best ways to let the money work for you. Maybe start off with smaller...
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    Pinterest Marketing - Recent changes

    Yes I created a white hat account, but I've been scared of promoting it via my "old"/"burned" accounts. Also I'll be creating a new blog tomorrow to be able to factor out those two variables. So basically I'll be able tomorrow or the day after if your approach works for me. God I hope its not...
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    Pinterest Marketing - Recent changes

    Have you guys been messing around with submitting different landing urls form the picture url on repins? I saw this a few time now and I have ssen some very creative stuff otherwise, too.
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    Pinterest Marketing - Recent changes

    @harrykjell Okay that might just be the case with me then. I am not too interested in the benefits of SEO for my blog though. It soley there for pinterest right now.
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    Pinterest Marketing - Recent changes

    Uhh really nice approach. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for this
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    Pinterest Marketing - Recent changes

    Thanks I'll try this
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    Pinterest Marketing - Recent changes

    Thanks. I hope you're right man. If there at least would have been a few visitors I would feel differently, but other then bots nothing. Thought it might go quciker especially when promoting pin with 300 accounts and judging by the exposure some pins with less repins like etc. are getting. I...