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    LOST (TV series) has ended!

    Lost was definitely my favorite show of all time. Fringe is in my top 10. Right now, Breaking Bad and Mad Men re-runs on Sunday nights are what I watch.
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    The Niche Guide - Intro & Part 1 (Finding A Niche)

    Virus warning. I missed takeachance's warning. Site tries to download virus!!!!
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    Skype headset recs?

    I just use one of the Logitech models from the local Walmart. Cost about $30. People have told me that I sound just fine on it.
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    Get Backlinks - These 3 whitehat backlinks = fast success

    I have found clipmarks to be very helpful when trying to get a site indexed. After "clipping", you can then send the "clips" to a list of sites. Also, add the site to your google profile - unless you shy away from google.
  5. J urgent help

    You could use blogger's "add a gadget" (their version of wp widgets). Not sure if you could pull it into the blog post area, but you could put one or more under the title area. Appearance would be based on the style layout you have selected.
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    Sourcing Content for my Blog

    Why don't you just write a few articles to post on your blog? Amazon doesn't expect to see a thousand page site when and if they review it. In fact, I became an amazon affiliate when I only had a blogger blog. And I think it had one, maybe two, articles on it.
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    Express yourself with the Blogger Template Designer

    I started using the new templates on a couple of my blogs. They look much better. I just have not figured out how to get rid of the links in the footer. Haven't checked the terms either, though, to see if it is ok to remove the links.
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    Help With Amazon regristration

    I don't know how you would do that. But, have you considered some of the other affiliate sites such as commission junction? I know you don't have all the advantages you get by being an affiliate for Amazon, but you might be surprised at what is offered.
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    +Rep for the First 20 to Help Me - 2min Job

    Ahhh, those little girls will soon realize how beautiful they are. I voted for both. Your 20 reps have already been given out, and that is fine. I am just glad to help. It is tough for girls today with all the media and hype. They are winning!
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    Unique Article Wizard Free Plugin

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    *How to Make $50/DAY Scamming the FUCK out of people.

    Ha! That's like the ads that used to run in print magazines. "Send $5.00 and learn how you can make $xx". Then you would receive instructions to run the same ad in other magazines and newspapers!
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    Squidoo Autoposter

    Look through the modules on squidoo. You will find one that allows you to bring in any rss feed. Also, look through the different rss modules. You might find something else for your lens.
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    Warning: Duplicate Title Tags Causes a Big Hit on Google

    It may be white hat seo 101, but I am on my way to check a few sites. I am thinking that is what I did - used my main keyword phrase on each page. That would explain the drop my one site had. :(
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    Google Trends scraper is ready - Beta invitation here!

    Just signed up. Handy tool for sure! Do you still have additions planned? Thanks!
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    Automated Blogging and Autoblogs – Why they don’t work….

    Can you explain why you feel the plugins don't work anymore? Thanks.
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    WordPress Help

    It should be in your Stylesheet (style.css) .
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    Asking to see if there's such thing as this plugin

    I have not used this plugin yet, but it claims to track unique visitors.
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    John Reese Deleted His Twitter Account With 25,000 Followers! Your Take on This?

    He is not letting go of his facebook account! That says a lot.
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    how do i conquer my laziness???

    Lots of good advice has already been given. When you find yourself "being lazy" or overwhelmed, ask yourself what you would do if you had an employee working (or not working) like that? You probably wouldn't keep them around for long. Looking at it like that can remind you that you...