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    Egyptian ISP Blocks BHW, Supervisor tells me "Use a Proxy :D"

    We have weird censorship in America. Some web sites restrict services depending on what ISP we use. For example if you want to watch the World Cup match, you'll be able to watch it using a certain ISP and not another. Because some ISPs didn't pay the licensing fee. Another weird and annoying...
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    How much to charge for Ad & Coupon Campaigns?

    Hello Everyone. I need input from offliners who are experienced in handling a client's Ads and Coupons Campaigns. Specifically, advertising in yelp, creating deals on 4square, group on, living social, etc. Was wondering if you have any experience in doing this or have any advice. Should I...
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    Can VAs Make Good Money?

    virtual assistants are like donkeys. they do the work marketers don't want to do themselves. VMs get paid fairly low. If you're from Canada, speak very well English, I'm sure you can get paid on average more than someone who's english is a second language. Being a VM is also a great way to...
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    What Up Got a Millionaire As An Adword Clients. Have Some Questions about Conversions.

    Dude. You got a high paying client and you're asking us about the basics of Adwords. I highly recommend finding an Adwords expert agency and outsource to them. Pay the agency, and bill your client. Trust me, this will take a load of work off your hands, get paid, and have expert work performed...
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    Any calculator to price a website

    From past experience. I would use services like BigCommerce or Magento Go and charge about $500 to pick a template, implement, and set up. Train the client how to add products and have them add the 50 products. I suggest going the BigCommerce or Magento Go route because the client might be a...
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    Twist to the $10k/month method.

    How are you getting the commission from the laborers? It seems like they are mostly cash contracts. Do you meet them in person to get payment? Also what if the laborer lies and says the job didn't go thru...
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    Looking for a custom t-shirt printing dropshipper

    Zazzle has custom print and an API to input right into your web site.
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    Consultants, I Need some "Dealing With Clients" Advice

    For the on page stuff. I would calculate how much time it would take me to optimize one page. Multiply by your hourly rate and by how many pages needed. Double it to Have a safety buffer. That's your quote for on page SEO work. I would do the same for the link building. Basically double or...
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    Got a Large SEO Client!!

    It's been almost a year. Just curious how your client is doing. Are you still doing ranking for them? Have they reached top 3 for the highest traffic keyword? Have you started other storefronts?
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    Any Blackhatters Into Classical Music?

    Watch the movie Amadeus. It's about the life and death of Mozart. Very inspirational!! I also recommend the movie The Red Violin. For all the indian classical lovers, check out Philip Glass. He is an American composer trained by Ravi Shankar. There is actually an album where both Shankar and...
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    Groupon living social foursquare yelp

    Question. Most of you in this section are offering SEO and/or web development service to your clients. Is anyone also offering managing coupon deals like the places I mentioned in the subject? I see them as just another service we can manage for clients. If so, how much do you charge for...
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    newb type CSS question

    Hello everyone! I'm having a hard time centering my web site. I am use the Business Card theme from Elegant Themes. (first link when googling "business card elegant themes") I pin pointed the culprit to this code below in the main css file. #page-wrap { width: 810px; margin: 0 auto...
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    possibly the funniest video i've ever seen

    HAH!!! This is a parody of the french film La Moustache. Youtube the trailer, it's a serious existential movie about a guy who shaves his mustache, then talks about how he had a mustache but people look at him saying he never had one in the first place.
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    Certification for Adwords

    register with Google Engage. They give you free training and wave all exam fees. They also give you 20 $100 coupons for adwords. Unfortunately, it'll take a week to get registered and obtain an exam voucher.
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    Noob makes more than $600,- in 5 days

    I was thinking about this. You said you used an Adwords coupon. I'm assuming $100. And made $600 from it. I'm thinking you won't even need new coupons once you take off. Just put real money into Adwords since your getting $500 for each $100 invested. I got a noob question. What do you mean by...
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    I want to program ROBOTS.

    Check out Jameco. They have a lot of products for programming robots. They also have kits for beginners. I'm in no way affiliated with them. Just mentioning it because 10 years ago in high school I was in a robotics class and that's what we used to do.
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    Should I Buy Twitter Followers? (Fake)

    When you buy 25k followers from fiverrr they do "vanish" after some time. What happens is that twitter eventually figures out which accounts are fake and deletes them. that's why your followers vanish. They don't actually unfollow, their accounts get banned or suspended.
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    Who else thinks they should quit smoking today?

    In a couple weeks it'll be exactly two years since I quit. I used patches. It was hell to tell you the truth. At the time when i was smoking a pack a day, I thought to myself its impossible to quit. Nothing's impossible unless you out your mind to it! If any of you need help quitting or just...
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    Noob makes more than $600,- in 5 days

    Good job man! most of those clickbank sales sites have videos. Was HTTrack able to download the video as well? Or was it just a simple embed code? What did you use to cloak the buy link? Did you add the link after you got approved for AdWords? I'm asking because in another thread alot of...
  20. S for sale

    It's for sure now. .ph and .me are for sale at Sedo. Such a sad moment... I wonder how much the winning bidder will pay for the domains. You can't really recreate another torrent site. There must be a great way to monetize all that traffic.