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    Question about 301 redirect from expired domains

    but it works, right?
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    Question about 301 redirect from expired domains

    So it should be blackhat method, right?
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    Question about 301 redirect from expired domains

    Hi guys, I recently noticed a website with many 301 redirect from expired domains on the very good websites, most are DA 90+. So I am wondering if this kind of technique is white hat or black hat? Will google penalize such 301 redirects? I mean obviously the 301 redirects are bought by the...
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    [NICHE BLOGGING] 6+ Years Successful in BHW ★ 500+ Happy Customers ★ High DA 20 to 40+

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    Reddit, Quora, Parasite, Authority Blog Journey to $3000 a month (@$1000+ so far)

    I want to know how to get reddit accounts that can post? Thanks Any advices are welcomed, thanks
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    100% Manually High Authority and Trust Follow blog comments Service (Boost your Ranking)

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    ⭕️⭕️⭕️ [9+ Years] Press Release To 500+ Top Sites ✅ MarketWatch ✅ AP News ✅ NBC, CBS, FOX ✅ High DA

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    [Blogging Journey] Niche Site Journey To Passive $1k/month (Already started)

    Hi, i am looking for niche sites I can post guest articles, do you have any good tools/ways to recommend? Thanks
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    Despair Links - Dofoll0w News Links- Make Ur Competition Hopeless - $49 a piece- Get featured on prestigious news

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    Boost your SERPs with High Octane BackLinks - .Edu & .Gov Links

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    100% Niche Relevant blog Comments, And Natural Comments

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    Journalistic Guest Post Outreach: INC, Huffington, Forbes, Moz & More: Rank Monster

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