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    [ask]changing background ?

    how can i change shopper press background ? have change all Background:#fff to Background:#aaa but nothing changet :(
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    i want a job

    oh , sorry :( i post this thread on wrong section i mean a repetitive job :D not actually no brain LOL i have send them PM :) sorry mod :( i make a mistake please close this thread
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    i want a job

    i can do any of dumb job :D cause i have many leisure time :) can't do web design or something that need skills only do spamming job like cl posting , comment posting or anything that don't need brain :D
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    Make 250 dollars in 2 short days for uploading products.. If you are a fast typer, pm me

    i'm interested have pm'ed you please check your inbox
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    so hard to find an autoapproved blog

    oo i see but can't get massive backlink if i submit it one by one :D
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    making money philosophy ?

    prefer what ? small but easy to get money or big but hard to get ? i am on this situation right now :( focus on selling PR link and blogpost or try the AUTOMATED like CPA or adsense i would like to try...
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    so hard to find an autoapproved blog

    why is so hard so hard to find an autoapproved blog have try scrapebox to find it but no good result :(
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    Best hosting for autoblog? Need pro advice here!

    i will prefer hawk host
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    which is better ?

    bookmarking demon ? or bookmark wiz ? please let me know
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    help me :(

    have never tried out the email marketing :( how do i start it ? looks interesting when you said "the best long term income"
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    help me :(

    i already have 8 autoblogs with wp-robot forum poster ? i have no time :( freelancing either
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    help me :(

    thanks mate
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    help me :(

    yeah :( no probs :) i'm not lazy :( i just can online 1 hour / day :) cause my parents don't believe that internet can make money. and they told me that i have to spend more time on learning beside making money on the net
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    help me :(

    have read it ;)
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    help me :(

    "good PR certainly helps QS" i often saw the lower PR get #1 position ;) forget to mention :( i don't have many time :( only 1 hours per day for my online business 4 years learning PPC , CPA , PPL , PTR , link sales , AC , keyword research , link building i also know how to make MNS and dominate...
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    help me :(

    i'm sixteen right now and a student i have been on online business since 4 years ago and I'M not making any money :( damn ! i have : scrapebox + hosting + 5 domain + 1 x PR 2 site + 1 x PR 3 site + original WP-robot developer version but i'm not making any money :( even i can't make $ 5 / month...
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    Scrapebox VS W0rdpress C0mment [email protected]

    yeah better use the private proxies
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    problem with gateway - adscend

    should i use this content gateway after viewing this gateway demo ? it isn't working at all :( and can i use the CPA content wizard along with adscend media program ?
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    $1,800 in a week , All because of BHW , Thank You

    darn it i'm 16 and still making $ 0 :( though i'm been on this buisness for 4 years