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    Small Copywriting Job Needing Done

    Hey, I have uploaded a template to my wordpress site and all I need done is someone to do some copywriting to try sell my service that I offer. Does not have to be long just has to explain the benefits of my service and basically tell them how great it will do for their business. I offer a...
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    Want to Offer Service Helping Local Businesses, Info Needed?

    Thanks, i'll take a look at that product and see if it may be of good use to me.
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    Want to Offer Service Helping Local Businesses, Info Needed?

    Hey Guys/Gals, I am looking to start my own business and would like it to be helping local businesses rank on the 1st page of Google. I have a rough understanding what is required but I would really like to get my hands on some really good info relating to this, so if anyone can point me in...
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    BHW been punished by google?

    Yep same as op for me.
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    SOCCER ball miracle

    Ahhh I remember that goal like it was yesterday, he sure could move a ball.
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    Why don't we have a SEO Black Hat contest?

    I could rank anyone for keyword "Google" in 24hrs, just send me $5k and it's done. Haha kidding(obviously) :) I would imagine most would be pretty busy with there businesses and on here too worry about this sort of competition as it may take some effort and time but I am sure there will be...
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    Your pictures $$

    Amazing, not laughed this much at a thread ever, good to see some great humour in the forum. Quality :)
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    can i use donkeymails for CPA sign ups?

    I have also wondered this, I'll keep an eye on any update. Cheers.
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    opinion on hiring an seo back linker

    If it's quality backlinks yes 15-20 a day is too low, I offer similar service and you should certainly be getting more quality backlinks per day than he does for you. Shoot me a pm if you want to try someone else with experience, even on a months trial I would be able to work for you for a far...
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    A place to watch movies that haven't been released..

    They seem to have recently changed the layout and now you have to sift thru all the trailer clips. Just type in the name of movie or tv show in the search bar on the site and it will display the movie in the results. I watch movies on there all the time with no problems. I just typed in...
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    Do a tiny bit of homework for $20 (takes 20 mins)

    Haha great idea, pay someone to do your homework, I like it :)
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    A place to watch movies that haven't been released.. is the dogs bollocks :) Best quality around, just need to install the divx player which is free and your good to go.
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    Guaranteed $10K a month online/offline hybrid method.

    Thanks for sharing. Some great info given on this thread and I will be puting it to good use, gotta get the finger out and start puting a solid idea like this to good use. Cheers
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    Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3

    I have both and would favour the PS3 for most aspects but favour XBox 360 for online play. Some may disagree but that's my personal opinion.
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    Free Money! - From Wiz

    Cheers :) Yep a big ass 500 euro note would be cool, pretty crazy if you went to the shop for some juice and all you had on you was a 500 euro note, lol, they would certainly give you a WTF look :)
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    Where Are You From?

    Scotland :) first one so far I think.
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    Worst complaint you ever got?

    I don't have one but I sent some Nigerian scam artist (I new he was from the start but played along for a bit) to see what he would ask. In the end I told him I hope he die's of aids and other obscene stuff. But they people deserve that sort of abuse, lol.
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    Free Money! - From Wiz

    That's an idea, correct me if I/m wrong anyone but here in the U.K it is fine as long as you don't write on the queens face.