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    Xtumble Bot?

    Is there any BHW discount for the basic package? And I'm assuming that we need our own proxies, can anyone recommend a reliable seller? Thanks
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    Secrets to Media Buying - Finding the Perfect Traffic Source

    These are great tips, not only in this thread but the whole 'media buy' section. Thanks Wasted and everyone else. I had a few questions about Direct Buying. The main one is how would you be able to split test ads? I guess you could host the creatives on your own site and use some kind of script...
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    Journey to Passive Income [First Journey]

    Best of luck, look forward to reading some updates! I'm going to be starting my process today as well. Big day for me because I am stopping smoking as well ;) Where in Holland are you from? I'm studying in Maastricht but I'm not from Holland.
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    Which Programming language is best for Bots?

    C# is great for creating desktop programs. They have great libraries for internet, threading and gui creation. It's very similar to Java so if you have any experience with that it's not hard to move over. If you want to create a program to run on your vps then you'll have to look into php/mysql...
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    ***Free Adwords Voucher Giveaway for 2 weeks ***

    I would really appreciate one as well. Thanks a lot! :)
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    [Journal/Method/spoonfeed] The 'Crashed Challenge' 30 Days to Money...

    You can either get the paid "pro" version which allows you to post recurring tweets (e.g. every 1 hour) or Create a new scheduled tweet for every tweet that you want to post with the free version.
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    My Bitcoin Challenge and Journey

    Good luck! Make sure you read posts on how to secure and backup your bitcoin wallet... One crash without a backup and all your coins could be lost!
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    [Journal/Method/spoonfeed] The 'Crashed Challenge' 30 Days to Money...

    The link for your banner will be automatically copied over with your affiliate ID in it already, so you don't need to change it. There's no need to change the code that Maxbounty gives you. The link for the "preview landing page" takes you to the landing page but without your affiliate ID, so...
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    [Journal/Method/spoonfeed] The 'Crashed Challenge' 30 Days to Money...

    I don't know anything about the plugins (I use a different one myself), but the difference could be due to the page not loading completely before the user moves to the next one, anti-javascript plugins installed, whether or not it counts a refresh as a new hit etc.. If you check day 7 you will...
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    [Journal/Method/spoonfeed] The 'Crashed Challenge' 30 Days to Money...

    Well targeted followers is always a good thing, but the two don't have to be mutually exclusive... Find some twitterers in your niche with a lot of followers and follow the people who are following them. In that way you can get many followers who are also interested in your niche. For example...
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    [Journal/Method/spoonfeed] The 'Crashed Challenge' 30 Days to Money...

    For twitter, I don't know how many you are following per day, but if you have an account that has aged a bit (1 week+) then you can start following up to 150+ a day safely. (but there are many other factors involved) What I personally do is run it about twice a day and follow around 60-90 people...
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    Free Twiends Seed Refills..

    I got my 1K seeds, and everything was completed very quickly! Thank you very much :)
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    FREE Blog Commenting Links For Everyone Who Reply Here.

    Thank you very much! I recieved your PM and now have 2 PR4 links :)
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    FREE Blog Commenting Links For Everyone Who Reply Here.

    Hi Jannie, I'd love to get one as well :) I'll be sure to leave a review.
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    Free Sms Verification

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by "Time slot". If you have Skype feel free to add me - alex.internetm :) Thanks for doing this man!
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    [Journal/Method/spoonfeed] The 'Crashed Challenge' 30 Days to Money...

    When you're in the program, go to the "Settings" tab on the left side of the page, and make sure that the "Protect mutual followers" option is ticked. That should do the trick. A question to people using Tweet Attacks - how many people are you following/unfollowing per day? I'm doing around...
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    Free Twiends Seed Refills..

    If I still make the cut, then I'd very much like some seeds as well :) Thanks!
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    [Journal/Method/spoonfeed] The 'Crashed Challenge' 30 Days to Money...

    When you're on the offer page, scroll down to the bottom - under "Select creative type" choose banners. Then find the banner you want and click on "get tracking code" to the right of the banner. A window will pop up with the code for the banner and the link with your affiliate info in it :)
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    [Journal/Method/spoonfeed] The 'Crashed Challenge' 30 Days to Money...

    I don't think so, I've been looking around at their offers and have only seen english ones. If you google "french affiliate networks" and click the first few links you should get a nice list of networks which have French offers. You'd have to do some research on the networks to make sure they...